Daily Affirmation Cards

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    The custom-designed Therabox Daily Affirmation Deck includes 30 beautiful cards with watercolor art and daily reminders to love & be kind to yourself. Designed to inspire, encourage and manifest positivity, one card at a time, these cards can assist you in leaping forward toward life and more positive beliefs. Visualize the desired intention in your mind and pick an affirmation each day (yes, even on the days when you're not feeling it). Visualize positive feelings in the body and mind continuum during the exercise. Over time, these affirmations will be encoded in your belief system and become a dominant force in your life. You change your belief system through repetition and one way to achieve this is by practicing affirmations daily and consistently! Use these cards as tools to help you become more empowered, confident, better able to attain your goals, and set your daily intentions for the day with these cards.

    TO USE: Start your day by pulling an affirmation card to create positive momentum for your thoughts and actions throughout the day. You can either pull one card each day in order, shift through the cards until you find one that speaks to you, or shuffle them and pull a random loving affirmation to read. It’s up to you! We recommend speaking the affirmation both in the morning, and again in the evening. This way, you will start your day with positivity and rest on a positive thought. Carry these cards with you throughout your day and pull one out whenever you need a boost in self-love. Feel the words in your soul. Believe them. Believe in you!
    EXTRA TIP: Use with a breathing meditation. Silently repeat the affirmation as you inhale and as you exhale, know that you are releasing residual energetic patterns -- making space for positive thoughts to enter your mind :)