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    Loving yourself can feel like a long journey―but you’re not alone. A pilgrimage for anyone who has ever lost their way or anyone looking to start a compassionate and loving journey to reclaim their authentic self, our custom-designed More Self Love Journal is rooted in prompts and practices proven to build self-esteem and reduce self-doubt. Within these pages are topics dedicated to establishing routine, introspection and trackers to aid in your journey of self discovery and self-care. This journal will help you identify obstacles in the way of healthy self-love and unearth and explore the deepest, truest best parts of ourselves -- an easy to follow and inspiring way to chronicle your own journey to creating more self-compassion and self-understanding.

    Go through the pages and enjoy the journey. Looking for light in everything does not mean seeing how everything will suddenly be perfect or easy. Looking where the light pours in is realizing what a gift it is to be alive, once again. Open your heart and embrace new discoveries about yourself. Deepen your understanding and develop your self-love practice. Even in uncertainty, you have the capacity for love. There is such power in the small decisions we make and the accumulation of these decisions always create big-picture changes.

    As the Buddhist saying goes, “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” and when times are difficult, seeking comfort in our unconditional goodwill towards ourselves could become a lifeline for our well-being. Cheers to more. self. love!

    FUN FACT: Daily journaling is an incredible stress-management tool and a powerful vehicle to self-discovery. Studies show that spending as little as 5-10 minutes a day writing can increase your longterm well being physically and emotionally by more than 10%. Journaling practices have been linked to improvements in mood, increased immune system function, sharper memory, and reduced stress-related disorders. It has even been reported to help wounds heal faster! Pretty incredible what expressive writing and releasing pent up thoughts can do!