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As you embark on this journey of escape, know that taking a break is not a luxury, but a necessity. Give yourself permission to unwind and create your own escapade with 8 full-sized products worth $170+.

  • LINHART | Vanilla Mint Lip Balm SPF 15
  • CLLC by GN | SPF 50 + Protect Derm
  • AYNIL | Foldable Sun Visor
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As you embark on this journey of escape, know that taking a break is not a luxury, but a necessity. Give yourself permission to unwind and create your own escapade with 8 full-sized products worth $170+.

LINHART | Vanilla Mint Lip Balm SPF 15 | $4.50

LINHART | Vanilla Mint Lip Balm SPF 15


Quench parched pouts with Linhart’s refreshing Vanilla Mint Lip Balm, boosted with SPF 15 for extra protection. This beeswax-based balm keeps your lips healthy, supple, and moisturized with a luxurious blend of natural and organic ingredients. Formulated by world-renowned cosmetic restorative dentists Drs. Jan and Zachary Linhart for the love of oral care and their loyal patients, this plant-oil-based lip balm is designed to mimic your skin’s natural oils—surpassing mainstream petroleum-based alternatives. Whether sunny, windy, cold, or fresh out of the dentist’s chair, escape harsh elements with its SPF 15, providing year-round protection wherever your feet (or lips) take you! Taste the sweet vanilla and a hint of earthy spearmint, a soothing and cooling combination that reveals your shining and confident smile! FUN FACT: Together with their interdisciplinary team of specialists, cosmetic dentistry pioneers Dr. Jan Linhart and Dr. Zachary Linhart continue to grow and keep current with every aspect of dentistry, using cutting-edge technology to restore, preserve, and enhance beautiful smiles.

CLLC  by GN | SPF 50 + Protect Derm | $38.84/ 69.9 BGN

CLLC by GN | SPF 50 + Protect Derm


Soak up the rays worry-free with CLLC by GN’s SPF 50+ ProtectDerm and escape the harmful effects of UV exposure with CLLC’s silky moisturizer + sunscreen duo. Infused with organic, natural, and powerful active ingredients, this luxurious facial cream creates a protective filter on the epidermis to shield against UVA and UVB rays, keeping your skin safe and radiant on every adventure. Enjoy the benefits of antioxidant-packed Beta Carotenes to reduce oxidative stress and enhance photoprotection, Squalane to control oil and provide a slightly matte effect, Urea for deep hydration, and Bisabolol to soothe and calm. This gentle yet effective formula suits all skin types, including sensitive skin! Designed for sun-drenched days and beyond, this ultimate defense-in-a-bottle is both a vacay essential and an everyday must-have. FUN FACT: CLLC by GN's professional SPA boutique line provides natural and safe products, free from parabens, sulfates, gluten, and GMOs.

GORGEOUS GLO BODY CARE | Purr-fect Kitty Exfoliating Bikini Polish | $25

GORGEOUS GLO BODY CARE | Purr-fect Kitty Exfoliating Bikini Polish


Gorgeous Glo’s Purr-fect Kitty Exfoliating Bikini Polish is your hack to a bikini-ready body! Ooze with hot girl summer confidence thanks to this gentle yet powerful exfoliating polish. Enriched with Apricot Oil, White Willow Bark, Witch Hazel, Watermelon, and Tea Tree Oil, it’s the perfect prep step for eliminating and preventing ingrown hairs along the bikini line. Handcrafted with care in small batches, this vegan polish features finely ground exfoliants to remove dead skin cells and impurities, leaving your skin irresistibly smooth. Scented with a refreshing 100% natural watermelon essence, let your senses escape to a tropical paradise! FUN FACT: Gorgeous Glo is a women-run, minority-owned body care brand made for women by women.

AYNIL | Foldable Sun Visor | $25

AYNIL | Foldable Sun Visor


Shield yourself in style this summer with AYNIL’s Foldable Sun Visor. Designed for the wanderlust enthusiast, this chic visor combines practicality with panache, protecting you from the sun while you revel in self-care and self-love. Crafted from 83% straw paper for an eco-conscious touch, the lightweight and breathable material enables effortless rolling for convenient stowing and towing. The combination of neutral colors and woven texture makes it perfect for impromptu getaways, while its foldable design snugly fits into any bag, ready for any spontaneous escapade. Whether you’re basking on a sandy shore, meandering through bustling markets, or savoring a sunset walk, the AYNIL Sun Visor makes every escape more carefree and comfortable! FUN FACT: The sun visor saw a rise in popularity in the 1980's but was first seen in the late 1800s! A classic!

VOIR HAIRCARE | Rainforest Mist: Waves Texturizing Hairspray | $28

VOIR HAIRCARE | Rainforest Mist: Waves Texturizing Hairspray


Let your crowning glory make waves with a spritz of Voir’s Rainforest Mist: Waves Texturizing Hairspray, your new go-to for effortless, beachy waves. Even with its weightless and flexible finish, this upgraded, ultra-fine mist hairspray offers a buildable light to medium hold that dries fast and lasts all day. Formulated with Kukui Oil, Hydrolyzed Keratin, and Moringa Oil, its salon-quality formula strengthens and texturizes without stiffness or crunch. Infused with the natural and subtle touch of jasmine, sandalwood, and musk, it doubles as a hair perfume, making it perfect for everyday use. Shake well, mist evenly, and twist strands for that coveted, tousled texture. Whether escaping to a beachside paradise or just needing your daily quick fix, this eco-friendly, alcohol, and silicone-free formula keeps the bad hair days at bay. FUN FACT: Voir products don’t use silicones, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, TEA, artificial colours, mineral oil!

EARTH HARBOR | OASIS Deep Pore Gel Cleanser | $18

EARTH HARBOR | OASIS Deep Pore Gel Cleanser


Get ready to escape into a pure pore paradise with Earth Harbor’s Deep Pore Gel Cleanser. Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and blemish-prone, this organic oil-free formula digs deep into your skin to banish traces of oil buildup, breakouts and inflammation. Chlorophyll, White Willow Bark BHA, and Desert Plant Extracts purifies the pores by reducing excess sebum and balancing your skin barrier. Every wash feels like an earth-friendly escape with this vegan plant-based elixir free from nasty synthetics! The gentle, non-strip formula takes your skin to a dreamy oasis of clear and peaceful skin energy, both day and night. Massage the low-foaming cleanser onto damp skin, rinse with warm water and pat dry. FUN FACT: Woman-owned Earth Harbor donates portions of sales to 1% For The Planet.

BUSY CO. | Glow Nourishing Deodorant Wipes | $10.99

BUSY CO. | Glow Nourishing Deodorant Wipes


Embrace summer freshness with Busy Co's Glow Nourishing Deodorant Wipes. Infused with zinc to naturally banish odor and prebiotics to nourish your skin, these wipes are perfect for spontaneous escapes and everyday moments alike. Whether jet-setting to exotic locales, nailing that big meeting, or cooling down after a workout, these individually wrapped wipes ensure you stay luminous and refreshed. Scented with clarifying citrus, brightening lavender, or calming unscented notes, they elevate your self-care routine while being gentle on the planet. Made from biodegradable, compostable materials and recycled fabric scraps, Busy Co.’s eco-friendly wipes let you glow responsibly. FUN FACT: Busy Co. actively donates wipes to support local homeless shelters.

SCENTERED | Escape Aromatherapy Balm + PUZZLE SET | $20

SCENTERED | Escape Aromatherapy Balm + PUZZLE SET


Escape into mindfulness this summer, where the warm embrace of the sun invites you to journey inward. Picture yourself amidst a serene landscape, surrounded by the gentle rustle of leaves and the distant melody of waves. In this moment of stillness, let go of the heavy worries on your mind and immerse yourself fully in the beauty of the present. Here, amidst the vast expanse of nature, find solace in the simplicity of being, as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace. The ESCAPE Puzzle and Aromatherapy Balm Set is thoughtfully packed in a portable tin box, making it an ideal travel companion for vacations and spontaneous getaways. The puzzle engages your mind, offering a relaxing and meditative experience, while the mini balm provides a quick and effective way to access aromatherapy on the go, ensuring you stay grounded and refreshed wherever you are. Our commitment to mindfulness extends beyond the product itself as we proudly support Scentered in its charitable efforts towards CoppaFeel and Alzheimer’s organizations, focusing especially on empowering young people. Let this set be your gateway to a serene escape, nurturing both your mind and spirit as you navigate through summer’s adventures.

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