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Makeup Eraser

Your Tea “Happy Tea” | $25

All of Your Tea blends, Happy Tea included, are created by a team of qualified Chinese medicine practitioners. Concocting TCM blends require skill and knowledge, all of which is poured into each & every creation. Happy Tea is filled with herbs that boosts emotional wellbeing, to make you feel happier inside and out! Visit their site for more detailed information about how happy tea helps in brightening your mood!

Skin Chemists | Keratin Shampoo

Warrior Semicolon Necklace | $15 

A semicolon is a place in a sentence where the author has the decision to end the sentence with a period, but chose not to. It symbolizes strength+hope & is a reminder that your story is not over yet; the best is yet to come. The simple yet powerful meaning of the semicolon weaved into the “warrior” in you serves as a wearable tribute to how far you’ve come, and the infinite possibilities of the exciting future.
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil

Flying Wish Paper | $5

A simple and sweet design featuring an original watercolor by Hether Dunn. Sending positivity out in the world is essential to finding happiness in your own life. The whimsical Flying Wish Paper kit is a fun way to help make your wishes come true! Write it, light it, & watch it fly!
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil

Lively Soul Shop Green Tea Incense | $10

These incenses are handmade without any chemicals, preservatives, or synthetic fragrances. 100% natural, hand rolled, &hand dipped. Burning incense can help you enhance concentration & focus, stimulate creativity, purify the room, reduce anxiety/tension & improve sleep!
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil

Scinic Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask | $5

We LOVE korean beauty! This hydrating mask leaves skin feeling soft & moisturized by forming a protective layer over the skin & hydrates dry skin with ingredients such as bamboo extracts and hyaluronic acid to make skin moist and healthy. Made with 100% cotton sheet to protect sensitive skin from irritation.
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil

Vitamin Happy Pill Pen | $9

An adorable retractable pen that will put a smile on your face whenever you write! Perfect size to store in your purse and carry a little joy with you throughout the day! Writing checks &signing papers will never be boring again!
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil

Ceramic Incense Holder | $8.99

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! These mini incense holders take a minimalist approach, and is suitable for holding both stick and cone incense!

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