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Take a sneak peek at just a few of the many upcoming products in the BIGGEST BOX of the year 🎁

The "WISH" box includes a whopping $310+ worth of winter self-care goodies that make the perfect holiday gift for your partner, friends, family, colleagues and of course — you!

✨ Gift yourself or a lucky recipient the gift that keeps on giving with month after month of self-care!

✨ Reserve now until December 24 and your box will ship within 3 business days starting December 1

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December 2022 Wish Spoilers: Jessica Willamson Dream Big Journal $91, Dermadeli Citrus Gold Facial Oil $40 and Esas Hamam Body Splash $25
Jessica Williamson Dream Big Journal with pink cover and gold foil details and lettering
Jessica Willamson | Dream Big Journal & E-Course Bundle + 14 day GOALS & MINDSET Challenge
$136 AUD ($91 USD)

The Dream Big Journal is your training ground to be the ultimate goal-getter! Award-winning coach Jessica Williamson etched brilliant mindset practices on 152 pages and 5 sections of guided journaling. With a 9-video goals and mindset mini e-course, this TheraBox-exclusive bundle takes you through the whole growth mindset process. Goal-set, establish a daily gratitude and positive affirmations practice all in 3 months worth of productive pages! The accompanying e-course lessons will go deep into mindset practices so that you can anchor deeper and realize an abundant transformation. Every page will help you sift through routines and optimize it for holistic growth.

Dermadeli Citrus Gold Oil in clear bottle and white dropper
Dermadeli | Citrus Gold Oil

Citrus Gold Oil gives skin a beautiful glow on the surface while protecting, replenishing, and moisturizing skin below the surface. We’ve combined nature’s ingredients of 24k gold flakes, citrus, wood, and rose to provide the most calm, yet powerful, brilliant and clear skin. Gentle yet utterly dazzling, the miraculous formula gives skin a beautiful glow that radiates confidence!

Esas Beauty Hamam NYC Body Splash in Black bottle and packaging
ESAS | Hamam "NYC" Body Splash

Best described as a “bath in a bottle”, Hamam is the deodorant splash you’ve been waiting for! Replace your toxic deodorants and body splashes with this all-in-one spray in Bergamot & Sandalwood scent. We’ve all been caught in those sweaty moments, we’ve all had the need for a quick, refreshing hit to the underarms and other problem areas. Hamam Body Spray with two proprietary complexes - Esas DeoScent™ is made up of a blend of ferments that effectively kills bad bacteria while restoring the good bacteria, and Esas HydraScent™ is a complex organic blend of hyaluronic acid and coconut-derived glycerin to provide an intense skin moisturizing effect.