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FEBRUARY 2018 - Box

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February's TheraBox was packed with goodies to keep your self-care game strong!



Makeup Eraser

Gypsy Soul Organics - 100% Organic Barefoot lake Potion


Barefoot Lake Potion: 100% organic, all natural versatile perfume & potion inspired by field of lavender growing alongside a cool quiet lake. Layer of clean floral freshness evokes a feeling that sweeps you into a soft innocent whirlwind of happiness and calm barefoot freedom! This all natural perfume is an alternative to synthetic perfumes, and can also act as a room spray, linen spray, facial mist and herbal hair spray! Breathe in the benefits of aromatherapy throughout the day, anywhere you go!

Skin Chemists | Keratin Shampoo

The Happy Shoppe - Etude House Apricot Stick

We love sharing products we personally LOVE. This is our favorite chapstick/lipgloss (works as a double!) EVER! Super moisturizing, with beautiful subtle colors for everyday wear. The best part is, you can put it on as many times a day as you wish just like a chapstick due to the silky smooth texture and moisturizing benefits. Imported from Korea!
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil

So Posh Beauty - French Neroli Rose Body Oil

French Neroli Rose Body Oil: Cold-pressed plant oils are infused with pretty pink flowers to create an ultra-luxurious body oil. The subtle floral scent of French neroli, rose, geranium, and sweet ylang ylang will bring calm and instant relaxation everytime you apply. Use Coupon code MTB20 for 20% off your purchase - expires 3/26/18!

The Happy Shoppe - Self Care Starter Pack

February’s happiness boosting activity is finding practical ways to engage in consistent self-care. We spend hours working, caring for others, on social media, and completing tasks every day. So much so that at times, it’s easy to put daily self-care on the back burner. Included in this ultimate self care starter pack are: SELF-CARE ASSESSMENT - Take this assessment to measure your self-care practices in the various aspects of your life. See which parts need a little more lovin’, as well as your areas of strength. Self-care is more than bubble baths, and pampering yourself (although we are big fans of it), It involves your physical + emotional health, spirituality, work, and relationships. It’s not limited to what’s listed in the assessment, but perhaps it can be a good start! If you think of more, feel free to write it down or create your own! SELF-CARE WHEEL - After completing your self-care assessment and reflecting on the areas you’d like to work on, jot down specific practices you plan to engage in the areas outlined on the wheel. There’s something about writing plans down that makes them more real and creates more motivation and accountability. Make a few copies, and bring it to your office or stick it on your fridge as a daily reminder for self-care! SELF-CARE FLOW SHEET - Now that you’ve gotten all your self-care activities down, how do you go about implementing them? Life gets busy and we forget what we need sometimes. This flow sheet is here to help you! At the end of the day (or whenever you feel the need), ask yourself what you need. Is it rest/relaxation? Companionship? Creativity? Inspiration? Spiritual connection? Whatever it is, jot down activities you’d enjoy doing in the boxes provided on the flow sheet that corresponds with the theme. That way, when it comes to engaging in self-care you can easily choose the activity that pertains to you on that given day. SELF-CARE MONTHLY TRACKER - Accountability, accountability, accountability. Who’s going to do it for us besides ourselves? We’re here to help, but ultimately happiness and wellbeing is a consistent practice that only you can engage in. Track the self-care activities you engaged in for the day in this monthly tracker. If you plan to do this for the longterm, make copies of the sheet before you write on it or simply order more sets from the happy shoppe! SELF-LOVE MEDITATION MANTRA - If you have a meditation practice in place, try ending your practice with the mantra script on the back of this postcard. If you don’t have a meditation practice in place, try this 10 min. loving kindness meditation.

The Happy Shoppe - Self Love Stainless Steel Travel Mug

What better way to cultivate self-love, and remind yourself of your brilliance throughout your busy day than this lovely travel mug? We can often be our worst critic, so we hope this mug can remind you to slow down throughout your day to show yourself some compassion and love. Perhaps you can begin your day with a quick intention-setting exercise, and close your eyes while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew to visualize your best self & let go of any negative beliefs about yourself. Open your eyes, pour in your coffee/tea/water and start your day on a positive note! Stainless steel with BPA free lining on the inside to keep your drinks fresh!

Roses N Rose - Smooches Cinnamon Lip Scrub

Say hello to soft, smooth, kissable lips! Smooches plumps and exfoliates your lips all in one go! Take a pea-sized amount & scrub on moisturized lips!

Ohm It - Self Love Crystal Infused Rose Soy Candle

Self Love Crystal Rose Soy Candle: We can’t imagine a better combination than all natural essential oils and healing crystals joining forces in the form of a hand-poured, natural soy based candle! One fits your home with lovely chemical-free scent of fresh roses, while the other dispels negative energy and radiates good vibes. Combine the two together, and you’ve got an addition to your home décor collection that emanates both positivity & style!

The Happy Shoppe - PACKage Monthly New Feet Mask

Get ready for silky smooth feet with this exfoliating foot mask! This formula exfoliates with AHA complex & moisturizes with Orange Oil for baby-soft feet. Cover each foot with the socks for 1 hour. Feel free to watch a movie, or settle in with a book. After 1 hour, remove the socks and rinse feet in warm water. The dead skin cells will start to peel in about 1-4 days. Don’t freak out! The shedding is totally normal! It’s not recommended to peel the dead skin off. Let your feet naturally shed the dead skin, or if needed gently wash in warm water. Use once monthly for the best effects & plan ahead 1 week before you expect to wear sandals.


(This is just a sneak peek! Our upcoming box has 8 items total!)

Flower Child – Day Dreamer 100% Organic Essential Oil 

We love natural alternatives using the healing powers of mother nature to handle the negatives that life can throw at you. Keep your positive energy flowing with Flower Child’s Day Dreamer essential oil blend! The blend includes a wonderful mixture of 100% organic essential oils such as Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Peppermint, Bergamot and more to help maintain focus and mental clarity. The blend can also assist with stress and anxiety. The oil can be applied to the neck, base of the spine, or temples whenever you need that extra boost! Keep calm & stay happy!

OrganiCare – Aromatherapy Shower Steamer

Made with eucalyptus essential oils, these shower steamers will take your showers to a whole new level! Eucalyptus can be used to help clear the sinuses, soothe sore throats and supports the immune system. When combined with steam from a hot shower, they’ll leave you feeling more invigorated than ever! Simply place the tabled in the shower corner and enjoy the aromatic benefits of the eucalyptus steam. Each tablet is good for multiple uses!

Hypnosis First - Guided Meditations/Hypnotherapy

Cindy Locher, a certified Hypnotherapist and certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Instructor specializes in hypnosis, mindfulness based stress reduction, and neuro-linguistics! We’re so excited to be collaborating with Cindy in including meditation training sessions in March’s “Clarity” box to deliver the benefits of hypnosis and mindfulness meditation! So what is hypnosis? As told by Cindy, “hypnosis is actually a normal state of mind that every person experiences almost every day of their lives. While it may conjure up images of mind control or loss of awareness, clinical studies have shown that people can achieve a greater awareness of their environment during hypnosis. Hypnosis is an extremely efficient state of mind artists and athletes refer to as ‘being in the zone’. If you’ve ever driven somewhere and, upon reaching your destination realize you don’t remember a good bit of the drive; gotten into the zone playing a sport; become emotional watching a movie; or simply found yourself checked out and staring into space for a few minutes completely unaware of your body and honestly not thinking about anything- you’ve been in the mental state of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy, then, is getting into that state of mind on purpose and using it intentionally, to create your desired change.” Amazing, isn’t it? We can’t wait until you have a listen of Cindy’s soundtracks that we handpicked and specifically designed to boost clarity, reduce stress, and increase self-awareness and resilience! Each track in the CD retails for $17.97, so this CD alone retails for over $72+! Also includes a downloadable link so you can upload the tracks to any device!

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