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Makeup Eraser

The Happy Shoppe - Gratitude Jar

From philosophers to rulers since the early BC’s, human species have ruminated over this timeless question: what is the secret to happiness? Thanks to research in neuroscience and psychology, we no longer have to speculate on the factors contributing to our happiness. So, what are the ingredients to happiness? It isn’t something very sexy like money, fame, or that beautiful Ferrari. It’s good ol’ gratitude! Currently, there are over 26+ studies and counting supporting the link between gratitude and happiness. According to multiple research studies– gratitude not only improves our happiness, but also our career, health, and relationships! Gratitude acts much like a natural antidepressant, because our every thought and action results in a release of chemicals in the brain. By recalling just 3 things we are grateful for everyday, we can activate certain regions of our brain and promote dopamine and serotonin production. Plus, neuroscience research shows it takes about 21 days to rewire our brains for change! You can rewire your brain for more joy simply by recalling 3 things you’re thankful for each day. We hope your beautiful new custom designed gratitude jar will help you establish this wonderful practice! Simply write down 3 grateful thoughts at the end of each day and put it into the jar. Whenever the jar fills, read each note and reflect on all the good that’s happened in the past month(s) before clearing your jar for a new run.

Skin Chemists | Keratin Shampoo

Kali Boxes - Customized Box 

We’re all about Thanks & GIVING in our October box and we’re excited to give you the gift of Kali Boxes! Kali might just be the queens of menstrual cycle self care & you can customize your free box as you wish on their website! You will have an unique coupon code in the postcard included in your box to redeem your Kali box! Best of all? Kali also includes one to three self care goodies of their own in each box so be prepared to be pampered throughout your cycle! Even if you no longer menstruate, they have two options that may still fit your needs(their panty liner & hygiene wipe which includes a self care item, or their hygiene wipe only boxes could both work for women who no longer menstruate!).
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil

Vertellis - Classic Game Holiday Edition

Vertellis, which means “Tell us More” in Dutch, is on a mission to bridge the gap between online & offline connections. On average, we spend 12 hours consuming media each day, Vertellis is on a mission to change that! Vertellis brings people closer together, stimulates time offline, and realizes dreams with their products. Included in October's Therabox is the Vertellis Holiday Edition. Together with your loved ones you will reflect on the last 12 months & look ahead to the upcoming year. An especially great activity for the year-end celebrations! At the end of the night, you will have learned a lot about the loved ones around you, & probably a thing or two about yourself! Winning isn’t the goal with Vertellis, as it is more important that you will have meaningful offline conversations with your loved ones and experience even more togetherness and gratitude for each other!
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil

The Happy Shoppe - Gratitude Foil Pillow Case

This super soft custom designed TheraBox exclusive pillow case is a versatile addition to any home decor! Gold foil printed letters on a soft flannelette fabric makes this the perfect pillow to use for a cozy night in! The pillow case is 18x18in however it can fit a 20x20 filler insert if you prefer a fuller look for your pillow! Let this be a daily reminder to inhale gratitude & exhale love!
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil

Ziya Soul - Base Coat 

Ziya Soul Co hand makes vegan-friendly, non-toxic products featuring all natural ingredients so you can be sure what you’re putting on your body is always safe! Base Coat is a blend of floral oils that provides a thin, non- greasy layer of moisture & is extremely versatile. Base coat can be used as a moisture sealant for your hair & body! Apply prior to blowdrying/styling your hair to protect hair from damage & dryness. Or, apply base coat on slightly damp skin after showering to lock in moisture all over your body. Say goodbye to dry everything this season with Ziya Soul’s all-in-one magical bottle!
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil

Toe Talk Mindful - Mantra Grip Socks 

Toe Talk Mindful is a maker of inspirational mantra socks and mindful gifts designed for fun, stylish women who embrace a healthy, balance lifestyle. Toe Talk’s comfy cotton blend and soft rayon from bamboo grip socks are ideal for Pilates, Barre, yoga, spa days, or everyday casual wear. We love the inspirational sayings on these socks, plus all the mindful selection of gifts from this company! These “Ready to Give” organza bags make perfect holiday gifts & stocking stuffers. Styles vary.
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil

Knock Knock - Fill in the Love Postcards 

Fill in the Love® Gratitude Postcards go where no text or email can! Give some thanks with a set of twelve different customizable postcards & show them your love! These fun postcards are perfect to use throughout the holiday season or just-because!
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil

Moni's Way - Green Tea Face Scrub 

A soothing, hydrating natural green tea exfoliant handmade with pure ingredients safe to use from head to toe. Green tea and sugar polishes away impurities and dead skin cells to free skin of harmful free radical-releasing impurities. Eliminate toxins that cause skin-aging oxidation, deterioration, dehydration, and forms of irritation. With this 2 in 1 treatment, skin is exfoliated and hydrated leaving it refreshed, clean, and silky smooth.


(This is just a sneak peek! Our upcoming box has 8 items total!)


This spray might just be peace in a bottle! Star Essence is a vibrational remedy and aromatherapy spray company entirely owned & operated by women. Angel Rejuvenation Spray is their most loved aromatherapy spray crafted with frankincense, lavender + geranium essential oils & the Wiñay Wayna Andean Orchid essence. A delightful blend known for it's qualities of being rejuvenating, cleansing, antiseptic & uplifting! The synergistic blends of flower & gemstone essences infused with pure essential oils in a base of Activated Sacred Healing Water (no alcohol) is sure to lift the spirit to a higher vibration, bringing clarity & peace. Spray above the head and let it float down, or spray your pillow, face, body, car, work, or living space for instant relaxation!


This modern minimalistic aromatherapy diffuser can be used to diffuse essential oils or wax melts and is both beautiful + multifunctional! Simply light the included tea light candle underneath the ceramic plate & place your favorite essential oil fragrance diluted with water onto the plate to begin diffusing! Or, pair with Luxe Sugar Mama’s wax melts included in this month’s box to fill your home with holiday aroma, warmth, & style. Even when not in use, it acts as a beautiful home decor piece!


Z Skin Cosmetics offers 100% organic, handcrafted, affordable luxury products for all skin types. Combining ancient traditions and incorporating unprecedented herbs and oils from around the world, these products are proven to quickly and visibly help give you the results you need! The Extreme Moisturizer is a winter staple designed to repair your dry brittle skin with a blast of all natural & organic moisture. Great for sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne and wrinkles!


This turmeric infused dark hot chocolate powder is made from raw, organic & fair trade Peruvian Cacao that is both delicious & healthy! Handmade in micro batches, it includes only four pure ingredients that turns into a decadent Barcelonian style hot chocolate when mixed with water. A perfect treat for the winter season. Elements Truffles products are free from preservatives, emulsifiers, GMOs, dairy or refined sugar! Plus, every ingredient is selected from Fair Trade manufacturers & the company gives back 25% of their profits towards education of under privileged children

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