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Makeup Eraser


All natural and made with elements of the earth, this gold-infused Cell Re-Mineralizing Mud Mask is a treat for any skin in need of some TLC! Formulated to detoxify, cleanse and re-mineralize, Herbal Transdermal’s Mud Mask absorbs even the smallest impurities and toxins on your skin! This mask features ultra-pure mud particles which penetrates smoothly and grabs onto the harmful positively charged particles on your skin to bring tired and dull complexion back to life! Aside from sucking out all the dirt from your pores, your skin also absorbs over 90 trace minerals during the drying process, blossoming forth an improved complexion. This Cell Re-Mineralizing Mask is also combined with citrus bioflavonoids and micronized gold particles, flawlessly giving your skin a clean, tight, refreshed and an invigorated feel! Mindfulness tip: Thank the Earth as you apply this mask for all of the natural resources it provides us daily to live our best life! Taking time to appreciate & affirm your body during your skincare ritual is a wonderful time to practice mindfulness!/p>

Skin Chemists | Keratin Shampoo


Free from all unquestionable shenanigans, this serum illuminates the skin whilst protecting against free radicals in the environment. Originally developed to improve the appearance of hyper pigmentation and scarring, Dream Serum ended up being a magic elixir that gives you the Glow of a Goddess! This serum quenches thirsty skin and infuses probiotics to battle breakouts and strengthen your skin’s protective barrier. Dream Serum rapidly penetrates the outer most layer of skin by infusing a massive dose of Hydration from Hyaluronic Acid to help speed up healing and prevent pre-mature aging. Lactobacillus also helps fight blemish causing bacteria giving you that sun-radiating glow. Self-Care Tip: Use the mud mask from Herbal Transdermal to cleanse and purify your skin. After washing off your mask, lightly spritz your face with a toner/facial mist. Then, gently massage 1 pump of Dream Serum onto face and follow up with a moisturizer for radiant, glowing skin!
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil


Who says mythical creatures don't exist? Definitely not us! This scented Unicorn Body Butter screams magic and will definitely make you feel as happy as a unicorn eating cake on a rainbow! Featuring raw and organic ingredients, this multi-colored, whipped body butter (also smells so delicious, yum!) restores dullness to reveal skin that quite literally gleams and sparkles. Don’t blame us if you suddenly feel mystically refreshed and moisturized, magically soft and smooth, with a heap of that rainbow-glowing feel, adding to your already radiant and blooming self! Tip: Scoop a little with the tip of your fingers and use on your body and shine bright like a diamond! A little goes a long way.
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil


Release your inner child with these adorable schedule notepads! Featuring spring colors and our favorite furry friends, this desktop swag will delight everyone it comes across. It's pretty miraculous how replacing an everyday item such as a sticky notepad with a more fun/pleasing version can change the overall tone of the task at hand! This may be a small step towards the direction of finding other ways to spice up your surroundings! Members will randomly receive one of the foldable notepads below.
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil


Aren’t foot creams for those with dry soles?", you may ask. While that is certainly one reason to use a foot cream, foot creams are actually more than they are “cracked” up to be. Our feet are routinely deprived of the air and moisture they need. This usually happens when we spend a day (or maybe longer) in our socks and shoes! Inspired by a Farmer’s quest to pamper and soothe her tired and dry feet after a long farm day’s work, The Farmer’s Touch All Natural Foot Cream was born. Each batch is organic, and made fresh, by hand… even the cocoa butter! The ingredients used are organically grown and those they cannot grow locally, they source organically. This cruelty free, all natural luxurious cream will soften even the toughest calluses with regular use and nurture dry, cracked heels! Apply liberally over feet and heels and massage until absorbed and use as often as needed.
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil


Caring for our feet has never been this easy and satisfying! Experience aromatherapy, heat therapy and ultimate moisturization in the most fun way possible and soak up with the Lavender Gel-Ohh from Avry Beauty! This cruelty-free and paraben-free product is the ultimate indulgence for complete relaxation when it’s time to wind down and turns your water into jelly form! Due to its unique texture, the jelly captures the warmth of the water and hugs your feet to ease tension and soothe your muscles while the delicate scent of lavender relaxes and mellows out your mood. Time to pamper yourself with this home spa indulgence and experience that cozy softness your feet have been aching for!
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil


What's a spa day without some new decor for your nails? Taupe Coat is a boutique nail polish brand that creates clean, non-toxic nail polish for bold women. Vegan and 10-chemical free, it does not contain the most common carcinogens traditionally found in nail polish, like formaldehyde or parabens. Not only that, a portion of every purchase is donated to a selected non-profit organization. The bottle of Wasabi you are holding right now supported WriteGirlLA, an organization that supports young ladies in developing their writing skills! So today, embrace your adventurous self and spice up your day with a hint of Wasabi! This piquant mint green nail polish is the perfect spring shade for any occassion!
Jubel Naturals | Essential Oil


Health Journeys is a leading producer of guided imagery and meditation, known for its psychologically and physiologically sophisticated audio content, created by foremost leaders in the mind-body field. Research shows these powerful, state-of-the-art meditations help people improve their mood, perform better, increase their emotional resilience, and assist with healing, mastery, & creativity. For this month’s theme, Bloom, we partnered with Health Journeys and assembled a Therabox Bundle with 3 sets of our favorite meditations and self-hypnosis audios, all with a focus on growth and change to help you bloom into your highest self. To access this bundle download, use your unique coupon code located at the back of your Health Journeys postcard inside your box to download these meditations at: SET 1) Meditation for Self-Confidence and Peak Performance allows listeners to envision success, and replace any anxiety or fear of failure with an energized, calm sense of mastery and flow. SET 2) Guided Self-Hypnosis for Creating Positive Change is perfect for switching out self-defeating habits for incrementally healthier ones, such as regular activity, better sleep, or becoming more plan-oriented and organized. SET 3) Lastly, the Guided Imagery Mix is the perfect on-the-go toolkit for quick relaxation and stress relief to help maintain emotional balance and perspective, all day long. We hope this brings you a sense of relaxation and focus, through the inspiring words of Belleruth Naparstek, ACSW & Traci Stein, PhD


(This is just a sneak peek! Our upcoming box has 8 items total!)


You’ll dare to go bare with this soy-based remover sheet that strengthens as it strips! NCLA’s Take It Off Nail Lacquer comes with 10 soy-based nail lacquer remover sheets, enough to remove 10 manicures. Designed to effortlessly remove any trace of nail lacquer, it sweeps away even the darkest lacquer while leaving cuticles soft and smooth instead of parched and dry looking. The durable wipes are individually wrapped for convenience. Its soy-based formula strengthens your nails as it strips the color! It is also 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free! HOW TO USE: Gently wipe each nail to remove traces of nail lacquer, leaving your nails clean and bright! One sheet can remove lacquer from all ten nails at once! Talk about efficiency ;)


What better way to celebrate our 2 year anniversary than to include an entire workbook dedicated on self love and self care? It's the entire basis of TheraBox, after all! With a fast and ever-changing environment, more often than not, we tend to forget that we need love from ourselves as much as we do others. When we neglect ourselves, low self-esteem develops and makes it impossible for us to live our lives to the fullest. Dr. Shainna Ali’s The Self-Love Workbook is a guide to experience the life-changing magic of self-love! With a program full of interactive activities, reflection prompts and helpful advice, it deepens our understanding and develops our self-love practice. We become aware that we have unique needs and goals and discover how to better accept and love ourselves. Self-love is a necessity. It allows you not only to see your true self, but to truly accept who you are wholeheartedly. With this acceptance comes the freedom and confidence to live your life to its fullest. It’s time to conquer self-doubt and self-sabotage! It’s time to build your self-love and transform your attitude, emotions and overall outlook on life. It’s time to love yourself! Dr. Shainna Ali is a mental health clinician, educator, and advocate who is dedicated in highlighting the important role of mental health in fostering happiness, fulfillment, and overall wellness. She is the owner of Integrated Counseling Solutions, a counseling and consulting practice in Central Florida. In her practice, she uses a strengths-based, creative approach that empowers clients on their journey of self-love. Dr. Shainna enjoys advocating about the importance of self-love and mental health at conferences, trainings, and on her blog, A Modern Mentality.

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