NOVEMBER 2019 - "The Essenstials" Box

NOVEMBER 2019 - "The Essenstials" Box

The Essentials Box BookFull Reveal of The Essentials Box


Now that Thanksgiving has passed we have officially entered the manic Holiday season! And with that comes the joy of reuniting with friends or family, the endless parties and gatherings which may also mean added pressure and stress to keep up with the festivities. Don’t forget to take care of yourself in between the celebrations, take pockets of time to care for yourself and give yourself the essential care and attention. The Essentials Box was curated specially to get you through this busy season, or any busy phase in your life with over $160+ worth of self-care essentials that will surely help you regroup and recenter. Take a few minutes to write on your Gratitude Journal to remind you that no matter how stressed or busy you are, there are still some things that bring joy to your day.

Want to share the gift of Gratitude and help someone get through the holiday season too? Head on over to the Happy Shoppe because the Essentials Box is available for one-time purchase and ships immediately!

Intense Aftercare Keratin Hair maskCougar Beauty Products | Keratin Hair Mask



In pursuit of silky, swingy, frizz-free hair this winter? Look no further, tribe! Enriched with amino acids + a wheat protein derivative and ceramide R, the Intense Aftercare Keratin Hair Mask from Cougar Beauty smooths and strengthens the hair, while creating an even surface and a hydrophobic layer which protects the hair from humidity. Keratin tames the hair by smoothing down the hair cells while the protein preserves create a protective layer on each and every strand of the hair. This hair mask formula also contains a multi-functional combination of effective ingredients that help prolong hair growth phase and increases the anchoring of the hair in the scalp. Time to let down those locks and feel a softer, smoother, frizz-free finish! A must-have to combat the dry changing seasons ahead.

Eyelash Boost Serum


Sometimes achieving the luscious lashes of your dreams takes more than just a tube of a killer mascara. You can apply falsies every day, but it is incredibly high-maintenance and no one has time for that — especially during this busy holiday season! At last — mother nature comes through with this patented blend of amino acids and peptides that improve length, density, quantity, and strength of the lashes. DIME’s Eyelash Boost Serum stimulates the lash follicles while simultaneously nourishing, conditioning, and improving the appearance of sparse lashes. Just apply nightly to the base of the upper eyelashes consistently and you should begin to see results in as little as 3-4 weeks! Time to tick off lash-growing from your holiday-to-do-list and start batting those naturally volumized lashes for everyone to see!

Essential Oil Reed Diffuser



Let the earthy fragrance of Sandalwood + calming power of Rose Quartz bring peace, comfort and compassion to you this busy holiday season! Breathe in the soothing, earthy sandalwood fragrance blending along with the uplifting energies coming from the Rose Quartz to rejuvenate + calms your senses. Our custom-made Sandalwood + Rose Quartz Essential Oil Reed Diffuser mixes the healing properties of essential oils with the energies of gemstones to help the mind ease into a peaceful space, block negative energies and melt all the stress & anxieties away. Not only a brilliant way of banishing unpleasant smells, the beautiful aesthetics of this diffuser will make any room feel more “zen”– a perfect companion for meditation/aromatherapy sessions in the cold days ahead!

2 Step Hair Refresh KitInstant Clean & Instant Hydrate



Between having to take care of all the errands and the social events you have to keep up with this season, most of us feel like we don’t have enough time do everything in a day. For those busy days when you need clean and de-frizzed hair on the go, the 2-Step Hair Refresh Kit is your new best friend! The Showerless Shampoo uses rice and oat starch to absorb oil, sweat, and odor for a clean, volumized hair on the go while the Showerless Conditioner contains four hydrating natural oils that penetrate and seal your hair cuticles, leaving your hair hydrated, de-frizzed, and silky smooth! This duo is perfect if you just wanna take more time back in your day + its Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Paraben-Free and is safe for all hair types and colors!

Thai Herbal Massage Ball with PlasticThai Herbal Massage Ball



Have you ever tried using a Thai Herbal Massage Ball? If not, ‘tis the season to try something new! Herb compression actually dates back as far as 5000 years ago and is considered a typical aromatherapy method of Thai Tradition. It offers several potential health benefits like relieving stress and fatigue, boosting both emotional and physical well-being, improving circulation of blood and lymph and stimulating the internal organs. These massage balls are also ideal for alleviating pain from stiff, sore or pulled muscles and ligaments which is especially prevalent during the colder seasons! HOW TO USE: Steam it in the steamer or heat it up in microwave for 2-3 mins after spritzing water on the ball. Let the ball cool for a bit then put it directly to the desired area & massage. For more information on how to use, please read the instructions along with the product.

Diamond Dust Peel Off Mask


Brighten and remove a week’s worth of grime from your skin with this illuminating mask from Pure Aura Beauty. The Diamond Peel Off Mask offers deep cleansing with a pearlescent texture that helps remove dead skin cells, minimize the appearance of pores, improve skin elasticity, and help restore clear & smooth complexion! Formulated with the purest form of Mineral Water, this peel off mask also contains 23 natural & herbal ingredients imported from Korea + all color pigments & glitter are cosmetic grade and imported from Europe! Put on this mask for a quick refresh and feel spa-pampered at the comfort of your own home because you so absolutely deserve it!

Broo Moods Connect Touch Screen Hand Cream



It’s officially cold outside, which means dry hands season is upon us! A
deeply hydrating, instantly-absorbing hand cream made from Jasmine, Lime, Hops, Shea Butter and Butterfly Bush, Bröö’s aromatherapy touch-screen friendly hand cream cocoons your hands with warmth and moisture! This ultra-conditioning hand cream is packed with skin-loving amino acids, minerals, and vitamins essential for hydrated hands and jasmine makes it smell fabulous! Melts into skin without the greasy feel and leaves your hands feeling smooth and hydrated without any frills, this cream provides all-day moisturization! Contains no parabens + no phthalates + no harsh preservatives + its vegan and cruelty-free!

Grateful BookGrateful JournalGratitude JournalGratitude Book



This custom-designed 56-Page Gratitude Journal (a Therabox exclusive), can help you navigate around the confusion and chaos of daily life with a simple reminder: that by taking the time to know ourselves and what we’re grateful for, we can appreciate everything we have and be kinder to everyone including ourselves. Featuring open-ended, supportive prompts and exercises along with inspirational quotes to encourage reflection through writing, drawing, scrapbooking and more– this journal is a fun, creative, and insightful way to create more joy in everyday life. This journal is designed to also be kept as a keepsake and is a powerful tool for positive change! We hope this journal will guide you through your gratitude journey and make it a bit easier to track all the little magic in your life, especially on the days when it’s really hard to thank the universe willingly.

Full Reveal of The Essentials Complete SetThe Essentials Box Set


And now… our Rejuvenate Box spoilers!

Begin the new decade with a refreshed mind, heart and body! The Rejuvenate Box will have two shipping dates, first between December 10-15th and the second between December 24-29th! Let these goodies get you ready to face the new year with a more positive, balanced and recharged self!

The Morning Sidekick JournalHabit Nest | Journal



It’s a start of a new decade! A new era of hope and exciting possibilities! During this time, we often indulge ourselves in retrospection of the past year’s moments and think about the goals and resolutions we wish to achieve in the coming year. For many of us, setting goals and resolutions may come easy, but keeping it going proves difficult. But don’t you worry, all is not in vain. For this month’s happiness boosting activity, we’re all about guiding you through the difficult part of keeping the momentum going. From baby resolutions to duanting goals and help with breaking/making habits, The Morning Sidekick Journal is here to accompany you through it all.

Habit Nest’s Morning Sidekick Journal is a 66-day, fully guided, science-based morning planner journal created to help you build new habits so you can conquer your mornings by writing for only 5 minutes a day! Each day features a new tip or idea to improve your mornings to help you find a routine that works for you. It is built for night owls & early birds and has specific tips in case you start falling off the wagon. Each day, you’ll get guidance to: 💭 Self-reflect with engaging questions. ✍️ Plan your morning in 5 steps. 🎯 Map out your biggest task of the day. 🤝 Get held accountable & beat snoozing.

You start with a clear idea of WHY you are doing things, WHAT you will be doing next, and HOW you will establish your perfect morning routine. You’ll decide your wake up and sleep times, plan out your mornings the night before, track the benefits you’re realizing, and reflect on your days. By tracking your progress, you’ll constantly be in touch with how much progress you’re making and you’ll become much more conscious of the benefits you’re realizing (even when they start feeling normal/routine)!

Now’s your chance to sit down and prepare a list of important lifestyle changes you want to make. Rejuvenate your soul with new and healthy good-for-your-soul habits to get you through the busy year ahead. Be conscious of your choices. Every minute counts and it’s time to conquer our mornings and conquer our life!

Sonage | Gommage Exfoliating Gel



Exfoliate the past and reveal your rejuvenated skin! The Sonäge Gommage Exfoliating Gel is a non-abrasive microbead-free exfoliating peel gel that brightens the complexion, smooths the skin and eliminates surface dead skin cells. It’s a botanical face scrub made with locust bean husk, lime oil and camphor – an ingredient that checks bacterial growth so even the most sensitive skin is left looking fresh and glowing! Use this as an exfoliant once to twice a week, or as a hydrating mask on an as-needed basis. Glow on, girl!

Warm Up Moisturizing Body Oil


As the new decade starts, it’s time to renew your vows of self-caring and what better way than to pamper and rejuvenate your skin than with Way of Will’s Warm Up Moisturizing Body Oil. Made with a chock-full of ingredients that firms, hydrates and relaxes your body and mind, Warm Up contains high vitamin E, tannins (antioxidants), linoleic acid, omega-3 and omega-6. It embraces special essential oil combinations including Nutmeg & Galbanum which moisturizes the body, nourishes the mind and is super effective on improving skin vitality to perfectly kick-start or wrap up your busy day.

The Essentials Box


Get your hands on the BIGGEST BOX OF THE YEAR with over $210+ worth of self-care goodies to make sure you’re rejuvenated and refreshed, ready for the new decade! The Rejuvenate Box ships between Dec10-15th and Dec24-29th! Go over to reserve your box now!

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