Rise Box Bundle

JANUARY 2020 - "Rise" Box

Rise Box Set


Let’s begin the year by rising up to challenges, rising up to changes and beginning the decade on a self-care note! This month, we’re giving you that extra push to fully meet yourself as you are! Today is the perfect time to rise and be the best version of ourselves!



Coffee Face Scrub


Rise and shine! Awaken your senses and treat dry, winter-ridden skin with this rejuvenating Coffee Face Scrub from ZSkin Cosmetics. Made with 100% organic ingredients, this Coffee Face Scrub combines real coffee grounds to reveal your vibrant skin + coconut oil, avocado oil and grapeseed oil to help clear out dirt while retaining moisture. Infused with eucalyptus and citrus oils, this coffee scrub sloughs off dry, dead skin cells during the exfoliating process, helps increase circulation while reducing the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles + it keeps the skin looking awake and refreshed all day long! Invigorate your senses and indulge your skin. Wash away yesterday’s worries while you rise up to a new day’s challenge!
Women's Multi-Vitamin Gummies


Elevate your beauty regime from the inside out! Beauty isn’t simply skin deep – the body is a vessel for the nutrients our skin receives and ensuring that it functions optimally is one of the best ways to foster a healthier lifestyle this new decade. SugarBearHair’s Women’s Multi-Vitamin gummies are an easy-to-use, scientifically formulated, vegan vitamin complex designed for women! Featuring a highly concentrated mix of Vitamins B-12, C, D-2, E and more, these tasty beauty bears also contain vegan sourced amino acids which can help in collagen production. These gummies also contain Omega 3 — the total unsung hero in skincare which also does wonders for both your brain and heart! Fuel your mornings with this ultimate one stop shop Multi- vitamin for a healthier skin, hair, nails and body!
Shower Cap


I enjoy washing & drying my hair daily- said no one ever. Made with a high-quality waterproof exterior & plush lining on the inside, this exclusive luxury shower cap from SugarBearHair features a terry lining that absorbs any damaging humidity or steam so your hair stays tangle-free & moisturized for those days where your hair needs a breather from the washing + drying. Made with a comfortable elastic band that actually stays in place, you can use it to protect your precious locks while you shower or even while you sleep to wake up tangle free. Or, use this versatile cap as a deep conditioning treatment tool whenever you’re needing a little hair TLC during this brittle hair season! Simply flip the cap inside out, put on your favorite leave-in hair mask/conditioner and place the glossy side of the cap on your head, exposing the terry lining and drift off to bed! Wake up the next morning and rinse off the leave-in conditioner for amazing silky-smooth hair.
Charcoal Body Scrub


The largest part of our skin is found on our bodies and if your current routine stops at body wash and lotion – we’ll make your morning showers a whole lot better! Manna Kadar’s Champagne Charcoal Body Scrub is a luxe champagne scented body scrub that contains charcoal to remove dirt and build up, leaving the skin polished, hydrated, and refreshed. Not only does it exfoliate the skin to reveal that smoother look and feel, this scrub definitely adds an extra layering of pampering so you can begin your day with a relaxed and worry-free aura!
Detox Brush with Massage Nodules


Ever heard of dry brushing? Dry brushing has traveled across time- from an ancient pre-bath ritual to a modern pre-bath trend for celebrities & beauty junkies globally. Its devotees swear by its ability to exfoliate, reduce the appearance of cellulite & aid lymphatic drainage for more swift removal of toxins. Dry brushing is a combination of exfoliation + massage that involves taking a dry brush and moving it over your pre-shower body in slow, circular motions and the Afterspa Detox Brush with Massage Nodules is here to help you maximize the benefits of dry brushing! The natural bristle brush and plastic nodules has been clinically tested and helps stimulates blood circulation accompanied by a good massage. Use this to awaken the senses in the morning or to melt the dirt and stresses on your body after a long day. TO USE: Gently but firmly brush your dry skin in long strokes toward your heart, going over each area 2-3 times. At your belly, brush in a clockwise motion. Be sure to follow up with a vitamin-rich moisturizer. Use 2x a week as a dry brush pre-shower. For sensitive skins, moisten the brush & add shower gel for a more gentle daily exfoliation instead of dry-brushing. Replace the unit every 60 days.
To Do Sticky Notes


In the hustle and bustle of daily life, its all-too-easy to forget to take a little bit of time to look after yourself. Self-care are like little love notes for the body and this Therabox exclusive, the Self-Care Sticky-Notes, is the perfect little reminder that you always need to carve out some time to be kind to yourself. Use it as a token to help keep you on track for self-care this year– simply write yourself a loving, caring message or an affirmation and stick it in a visible spot to remind you to take some time out for yourself. It’s the perfect desk-buddy. Breathe, pause, and allow yourself to rise up — come back to your body feeling refreshed and relaxed, whenever you need that little self-care push!
Moisturizing Pink Mask


Say hello to fresh winter mornings with illuminated complexion and glowing skin! The I’m In Love Rose-Heart Deep Moisturizing Pink Mask is a 2-step premium skincare face mask and serum that harnesses natural ingredients, botanicals and vitamins to help hydrate and care for the skin — leaving it looking bright and beautifully youthful. Ingredients include revitalizing Ginseng, Hawthorn and Allantoin + enriching vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, C & E that aim to moisturize, maintain and protect the skin. This Brightening Pink Mask also features single-use cotton microfiber slips plus a deep caring serum that is enough for 5 uses! Delicate and gentle on the skin with its smooth texture and light rose scent so you can sit back and relax after a long tiring day! TIP: Use it before sleeping or after a warm shower to reveal fresh-looking skin!
Lip Plumping Mask


Pucker up! This Unicorn Lip Plumping Mask from Aminnah Skin-care is the the ultimate hydrating, lip plumping mask that goes on like silk and gives your lips that extra oomph! It is infused with natural ingredients to rejuvenate the lip skin surface and penetrate deep below to lock-in the good stuff to prevent dryness. This unicorn colored, magical lip plumping mask delivers that much needed healthy drink of ultra-hydrating ingredients for dewy, plump and glowing lips. Plus, it smells so good that you might almost want to eat it (but don’t, please). This rainbow colored lip mask is here to deliver you luscious, moisturized lips throughout this new decade!
Basecamp Cards


Every day, we’re spending more and more of our lives glued to screens while the real world passes us by. Social media has practically taken over everything – it has become one of the most efficient ways of communicating with each other but also became the most addicting platform in the world. The “attention economy,” is a dangerously addictive digital stimuli that always seeks for limited attention and it often leaves us frazzled, burned-out and less creative than ever. Taking a step back from technology might seem a little counter-intuitive for some of us– our businesses relies on it, there are important messages that cannot be missed, we develop the fear of missing out and so on. Because we’re always behind our screens, we start to lose the magic of meaningful connections. We compare ourselves with others and forget what we have to offer. We lose ourselves online and lessen our real life personal connections. To help you rise up to challenge of fostering deeper and lasting connections, this month’s Happiness Boosting Activity features the Basecamp Cards: Second Edition. This unique deck of playing cards is best played while on a camping trip, although if camping is out of reach even a casual picnic would do! The cards feature thought-provoking and conversation-starting questions that can help you know someone better– including yourself! Created as a way to help people unplug from technology, enjoy human interaction, and make lasting connections with a twist, you get to know your friends, family and yourself better by answering the philosophical to goofy questions on each card. The Basecamp Cards: Second Edition features 52+2 new questions + it comes in a tin case so you can keep your deck safe, rain or shine! With a wide range of questions, these cards are sure to provide endless entertainment! Bring it on a camping trip, play it while watching the sunrise or at an intimate gathering. Use these cards anywhere to start fun and meaningful conversations with new friends and rekindle relationships with old ones. Bonus Tip: Use these cards when you rise to kick start your mornings! Before you start your day, pick up a card, answer the question and get to know yourself a little bit better each day. Unplug, become more present and connect with your spirit to remain grounded throughout your day. Translating your thoughts into words pushes you to think about the ideas in your head at a much deeper level– and that is a powerful way to start your mornings! Just 5 minutes each morning, grant yourself the freedom of not being constrained by notions of needing to get somewhere other than where you already are and reflect on the card you pick. There is no single formula or method when it comes to creating lasting connections in this fast paced environment, but we hope these fun and lighthearted cards can spark some more me-time, or we-time! Don’t we all need more of that in 2020?


(This is just a sneak peek! Our upcoming box has 8 items total!)
Eye Cream


Your eyes are everything. The windows to the soul, the way you see the world — and the first place people look. But bags, fine lines, puffiness & dark circles (and Netflix!) can leave your eyes looking less than their best. The skin around the eyes is also thinner than the rest of the face, meaning it’s super delicate and sometimes gets neglected in basic skin care. Eyes Eyes Baby is a soothing anti-aging eye cream packed with crucial antioxidants that helps keep the skin around your eyes feeling soft, supple and refreshed! 100% vegan and free from all nasty chemicals, it features hand-picked vitamins and ingredients that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, including Squalane, Vitamin B3 & E, Caffeine and Organic Gotu Kola — an ancient plant used for natural healing that preserves and restores the skin’s youthful glow. Shower your eyes with an extra dose of TLC and show off those bright eyes, eyes, baby!
Body Cleanser


Fancier than your average toner and definitely feels more luxurious, the Daisy Toner was formulated based on traditional herbal medicine and contains Chrysanthemum Morifolium Flower Extract and Anthemis Nobilis Flower Water that gently cleans, tones, hydrates and softens the skin. This toner removes the final traces of makeup and impurities without stripping your skin’s natural oils, thus prepping your skin to soak up any serum or moisturizer to give your skin that much needed boost. Made in South Korea and formulated with the latest K-Beauty skincare innovations, this super floral toner is natural, alcohol free and paraben free. It’s the final touch after washing your face – the icing on top of your skin care routine! TO USE: After cleansing, it’s essential to reset the skin’s pH level with a toner before moving onto the next steps of your skincare regimen. Gently sweep toner over your face with a cotton pad or with fingers. Use twice daily for skin as bright as a firecracker!
Daily Affirmation Cards


Daily affirmations- do they really work? Research shows it does! Think of affirmations like mental vitamins for your psychological immune system. They provide the supplementary positive thoughts to help alter beliefs about yourself– in turn helping you think more positively and giving you the motivation you need to foster the change you want to happen in your life. Multiple studies have shown that practicing affirmations daily can bolster people’s feelings of self-worth and make them respond more constructively to adverse circumstances. Affirmations act as a symbol of hope. Positive words have such an amazing impact on the way that we think and the more we say something (with intention) the more we believe it to be true. Repeating statements that are positive relating to specific situations can change our brain’s neurochemistry and alter our thought processes, behavior and how we approach things over time. For the past decade, researchers have linked the benefits of daily affirmations to positive emotional, physical, and behavioral changes! The custom-designed Therabox Daily Affirmation Deck includes 30 beautiful cards with watercolor art and daily reminders to love & be kind to yourself. Designed to inspire, encourage and manifest positivity, one card at a time, these cards can assist you in leaping forward toward life and more positive beliefs. Visualize the desired intention in your mind and pick an affirmation each day (yes, even on the days when you’re not feeling it). Visualize positive feelings in the body and mind continuum during the exercise. Over time, these affirmations will be encoded in your belief system and become a dominant force in your life. You change your belief system through repetition and one way to achieve this is by practicing affirmations daily and consistently! Use these cards as tools to help you become more empowered, confident, better able to attain your goals, and set your daily intentions for the day with these cards

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