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Soul care is self-care and we’ve got all your essentials covered with our ESSENTIALS box with over $185 worth of self-care goodies!

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Hair Mask Scalp Treatment


We’ve got just the thing, and they’re backed by science, not opinions! Get healthy hair and end breakage! Save Me From Tip to Root Hair Reboot Creams offers a targeted line of ayurvedic-inspired hair repair + scalp care formulations that work holistically from tip to root, inside + out to precisely replenish hair against specific forms of hair damage. Every product contains: Fenugen, a concentrated form of ayurvedic fenugreek that helps strengthen the hair cortex, reduce breakage and split ends, hydrate and smooth the cuticle while nourishing and balancing the scalp microbiome; and Bond Reboot technology, which is a tip to root technology incorporating creatine for internal hair bond building, caffeine for scalp stimulation and nourishment, and sustainably sourced silk proteins (sericin + fibroin) for softer, silkier hair. Clean, silicone-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, color-safe, and suitable for all hair types — this is the essential hair-care kickstarter for your winter plans before the busy holiday starts!

Members will receive one product only. Treatment concerns may vary. Varieties may include:


Hair Moisturizer + Heat Protectant

For the days you blow-dry, heat, and curl your hair, Thermal Obsession is a dual-use moisturizing cream, anti-frizz serum, and silicone-free heat protectant that provides 450-degree heat protection while infusing hydration and taming frizz by 490%.


Thicken + Volumize

For those times when age begins to catch up with your hair, Age Acceleration is a hair-thickening, anti-aging leave-in treatment + curl cream that helps to soften rough, wiry, thinning hair while mending aging hair and treating a dry scalp. Proven to enliven + thicken aging hair by 203%. Good-for-your-hair ingredients include: Bioactive Milk Proteins, Japanese Licorice, Tara Fruit, and Organic Sunflower Sprouts.


Smooth + Condition

For those days when you’re at the beach, taking your favorite fitness class, or enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, Sun + Sweat is a smoothing + detangling hair treatment for UV damaged hair that will workout-proof your hair and balance a flake-free scalp! Proven to improve hair elasticity by 140%!


Hair Repair + Split-end Treatment

For the hair color chameleon, permanent straightener fan, or those with damaged hair, Chemical Conflict is a restorative hair breakage + bond repair treatment that works as an overnight mask to repair damaged hair, split ends, breakage, & sensitive scalp. Proven to reduce split ends by 97%. Good-for-your-hair ingredients include: Carob Seed, Vegetable Protein, New Zealand Wool Keratin, and South African Rooibos.


Nourish + Enhance Shine

For the city slicker exposed to daily pollutants from commutes and dust, Pollution Assault is a nourishing, shine-enhancing treatment that conditions and helps enhance protection, strength, and brightness from inevitable damage caused by daily pollution exposure. Proven to nourish healthy locks and regain shine by 82%. Good-for-your-hair ingredients include: Chia, Artichoke Leaves, Vitamin C, and Dual Rice Proteins.

FUN FACT: SAVE ME FROM is a clean + clinically proven hair repair collection that promotes positive mental health by giving back 10% net income to suicide prevention organizations. In addition, they have partnered with QPR Institute to help train stylists to recognize the warning signs of suicide and become first responders in a mental health emergency.

Bamboo Cleaning Cloths


Sometimes self-care is doing things you love, but most of the time, it’s the little things like drinking water, getting enough sleep, or taking supplements to give your body the additional nutrients it needs. An absolute essential when you need to kickstart the day with a boost of energy (without the jitters), Energy Booster features clean, natural, organic plant-based ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea, Beets, Maca, and Matcha Tea in 100% vegan capsule shells and nothing else. It’s a great alternative to coffee, providing clean, sustained energy and can relieve symptoms of stress such as mental fatigue and support cognitive function, such as mental focus and stamina. So when you need an extra pep in your step, we have you covered! This adaptogenic blend will adapt to your body’s unique needs and give you the clean, sustained energy you need all day long!

FUN FACT: Besides being backed by science, organic and non-GMO project verified, all Well Told ingredients and finished products undergo a very rigorous five-step lab testing protocol to ensure purity and safety.
Beauty Kitchen Essential Oil
Beauty Kitchen Essential Oil


Z Skin Winter Hydrating Spray: Quickly help heal dry, cracked, flakey skin with this fall & winter favorite. Using deeply penetrating ingredients, this organic moisturizing face mist will leave your skin glowing, without leaving you oily! Z Skin Cosmetics uses herbs and oils to moisturize, erase dark marks and heal the damage from the winter weather. These herbs and oils come from around the world; such as Japan, Australia, Hungary and Africa!

Aminnah Unicorn Belly Butter: Achieve skin as magical and soft as a unicorn’s belly with this luxurious organic & natural based body butter. Scented with notes of pink cotton candy sweet spun-sugar delight, it smells so good you might just want to eat it (but don’t!).
Skin Reboot Peeling Face Mask


eed an extra color to get you through the holiday season? Caliente highlights a deep brick red with brown undertones that can be worn as lip color, blush, and eye shimmer, making it an essential purse staple! This vegan and cruelty-free multitasker feature super moisturizing ingredients like strawberry seed oil that helps regenerate skin cells and prevent dryness. And jojoba oil, which contains essential vitamins B & E + properties that mimic our skin’s sebum, helping with balancing the skin and maintaining moisture. Light and airy on the lips, swipe this on and you’re definitely going to feel empowered in a totally badass way! TIP: Apply and blot for a matte finish or layer multiple times for deeper color. FUN FACT: Lip Love gives back to various local organizations and community centers that support underserved teen girls’ advancement, education, and empowerment.
Nuria Overnight Recovery Cream


If there was a match made in heaven, it’s probably chocolate chip cookies and creamy vanilla. But cookies and creamy vanilla + herbs? Hear us out! A rendition of the signature Cookies & Cream flavor with a touch of royalty, courtesy of Kashmiri Saffron and Almonds — this Holiday blend features Roasted Cocoa blended with Cookies and Cream along with the bountiful benefits of Rooibos Tea. Imported from India, the cream-colored liquor has a medium body and starts with the heavy notes of cookies with hints of creamy vanilla. This delicious symphony is followed by the rich nutty notes of almond accentuated by the sweet floral notes of saffron that travel throughout the cup. The overall cup is creamy, smooth, and sweet.These 100% plant-based and ready- to-serve pyramid-shaped sachets can be enjoyed both hot and cold, any time of the day — it’s caffeine-free! So relax, close your eyes and feel winter’s coziness wrap around you like a surprise sanctuary in itself!

FUN FACT: A minimum of 1% of Vahdam Teas’ revenue is pledged to TEAch ME, a Vahdam Teas’ initiative that helps better their tea workers’ children’s education in India. As a certified Plastic Neutral & Climate Neutral Brand, they provide plastic recycling, renewable energy, & energy efficiency initiatives in India. They also held fundraisers for COVID relief in India and matched more than 50% of the raised funds + they have been featured worldwide, including Oprah’s Favorite Things, for two years in a row (2018 & 2019)!


Your gateway to the Caribbean this winter! Escape to the tropics in the comforts of your home with a 2-in-1 luxurious body butter and scrub that moisturizes and exfoliates to reveal smooth glowing skin, Coconut Rum features freshly roasted organic Haitian coffee, fine cane sugar, and lustrous coconut oil and shea butter. Smells and feels like a warm, inviting, tropical vacation, this scrub has exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties that may improve blood flow, stimulate fresh skin cells to remove dry skin! Loaded with antioxidants and moisturizing oils, it leaves the skin supple and bouncy while improving its overall quality and elasticity. Bonus — after the gentle buffing, your skin will be transformed into dewy perfection! FUN FACT: Caribbrew brings the centuries-old coffee of Haiti with tropical, 100% natural, and superior quality products. Moreover, they pay Haitian farmers twice over the minimum fairtrade price for coffee beans because economic empowerment is important.
Beez Nuts Lip Balm


For the home cook: Our favorite new kitchen essential! A whimsical take on the classic kitchen staple, this cute apron + mitt set will inspire you to be brave and not to be afraid to take risks! But, more than just cute, this apron + single mitt set is handy and functional. The thick canvas-like cotton is made with a breathable fabric, airy enough to handle a hot and busy kitchen during the holidays. It can also protect you from oils and spills, especially when you’re already dressed for the occasion. In addition, it’s lightweight and easy to wash and dry! Plus, the perfectly placed affirmation will inspire any home cook to go for the goal while she waits for the kitchen timer to ring — definitely, the kitchen essential every risk-taking chef can use!
Pawsitivity Cards Set


Life is too short for thoughts of pain and woe. We all make mistakes, we learn, we grow. The time has come, just Let It Go…

One of the essential practices to cultivate true well-being is the experience of letting go. This month’s Happiness Boosting Activity, the 30 Days of Let It Go challenge is designed to help you declutter your mind so that you can start the upcoming year anew. Be kind to yourself and move negative thoughts from your head and your heart, onto the cards. Placing them into a jar , a box, or even burning them up to just let it go.

It has been stated that 30 days is long enough to see how a change in mindset affects our lives emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, socially, and materially. When we simplify and declutter our life, we mindfully create the future that we dream of.

So today, start or end your day with the ritual of letting go of everything that no longer serves you. We only get one chance to live our beautiful, precious lives, and knowing where we want to go and what mindful habits, practices, ideas we need to adopt or forgo each day is essential for wellbeing.


(This is just a sneak peek! Our upcoming box has 8 items total!)


Winter is a challenging season for your skin. The combination of dry air, frigid winds, and indoor heaters suck the moisture from your skin and strip it of oils essential for healthy skin barrier function in the winter. When your skin loses its moisture barrier, it weakens its ability to protect itself. The ultra-hydrating Leave-Me-On Winter Mask by Mudmasky imported from The Netherlands is here to keep harsh winter skin at bay! With the help of top dermatologist Lloyd Diamond MD, Mudmasky designed a protective leave-on mask made with non-clogging super-oils like macadamia seed oil, safflower oil and squalane. The linoleic acid in sunflower oil protects skin against bacteria and germs while maintaining the skin’s natural barrier, supporting its ability to retain moisture. This makes it beneficial for dry skin and even for sensitive skin conditions, such as eczema. Furthermore, the thickness of the winter mask shields you from the cold, dry winter air as it seals nourishing ingredients into dry/cracked/flaking skin and balances skin pH. Cruelty-free, PETA-certified, paraben-free, and sulfate-free– it’s a must-have winter staple in your skincare routine!

FUN FACT: The Leave-Me-On Winter Mask has been recommended and used by thousands of doctors worldwide. Doctors and medical staff use this super nourishing leave-on mask under their surgical mask to prevent scars, rashes and acne, better-known as “maskne”. Mudmasky donated over €100,000 worth of skincare products to hospitals worldwide throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
Soy Candle


You are courageous, capable and resilient. You are wondrous, deserving and worthy. You are enough — so infinitely enough. Allow this gentle yet chic daily self-love reminder to “ring” in the holiday season & new year. This 14kt gold-plated “I Am Enough” ring is perfect for everyday wear and tops off any holiday outfit with an extra dose of confidence. Whenever you’re feeling a bit down, look at this ring to empower and remind yourself of how infinitely enough you already are!
Soy Candle


Melt the day and excess sebum + makeup away to give your face the ultimate cleanse it needs after a busy day! Breathe in the aroma of exotic cardamom rounded out by calming lavender + ylang-ylang essential oils as you cleanse your face with this 100% natural luxe cleanser developed for all skin types! Don’t let the nourishing oils fool you. This cleanser is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores and is suitable even for acne-prone skin. How to Use: Apply 4-5 pumps of Apricot Cleansing Oil and massage onto dry face + neck. Wash gently with warm water or warm washcloth (recommended) to remove excess oil. For best results use morning + night!

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