Full Reveal of the GLOW UP Box!

Full Reveal of the GLOW UP Box!

Monthly Reset Box Set


This month, shift your attention to looking and feeling beautiful—inside and out. Don't let the hustle and bustle dim your light. It’s high time for a GLOW UP!



Hair Mask Scalp Treatment

Beauty Kitchen | Lavender ‘Take a Breather Sugar Scrub

Radiate peace and glow from within with this invigorating Lavender Sugar Scrub. This fragrant purple blossom is mixed with sugar’s natural exfoliating properties. Beauty Kitchen, a cult-favorite indie brand, creates magic and infuses Lavender oils + raw sugar cane into a tub of soothing scrub called ‘Take a Breather.’ Truly, anyone can take a breather with this natural blend that relaxes the skin and soothes your spirit! Gently scrub off dead skin cells without stripping moisture and leave your skin polished, well-hydrated and radiant for the ultimate glow! This gentle scrub is suitable to be used daily for the face and body. Pro Tip: Lavender is a holistic remedy for itch relief from insect bites. Use this instead of chemical-filled anti-itch creams. Bonus: This exfoliating scrub also reduces inflammation on acne-prone skin and is a natural antiseptic. Please note: due to supply chain issues, outer packaging for this product may vary slightly from the photo. However, rest assured it's still the same quality product on the inside!
Bamboo Cleaning Cloths

Skin & Co | Truffle Therapy Morning Dew Botanical Cleansing Gel

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An aura as dazzling as the sun, and skin fresh as the morning dew—thanks to a bottle of Truffle Therapy Morning Dew Cleanser holding the nourishment your skin needs so you can start the day gleaming! Founded and crafted in Italy, SKIN&CO offers natural products harnessing the remarkable antioxidant properties of Black Winter Truffle and this cleanser is no exception to this high standard. Save time daily as you tick off three to-do's in your skincare routine with a single step! This multitasking gel concurrently cleanses, exfoliates and brightens the complexion. Best of all? It removes dead skin cells without stripping skin of moisture and lightens pigmentation as it washes away impurities while simultaneously tackling long-term free radical damage—keeping premature aging at bay. As early as the glow of the morning dew, this sulfate-free, plant-based gel perks you up, even before you've had your cuppa joe! With this staple, you've def got it glowing on, girl! STEPS: Lather 2 pumps of this rich formula enriched with purified Italian water and massage it gently in a circular motion for about a minute, then rinse all the bad stuff away! FUN FACT: SKIN&CO donates a portion of sales to Red Cross, Unicef, Children Glaucoma Foundation
Beauty Kitchen Essential Oil

Nourish Mantra | Urban Rami Serum

This serum is jam-packed with nourishing ingredients to help your skin glow from within! Nourish Mantra’s fountain of youth in a bottle combats signs of skin fatigue due to pollution and keeps skin dewy, soft and illuminated. Formulated with fortifying plant-based AHAs, skin rejuvenating Vitamins B3 and C, luscious fruits + vibrant botanicals- this fast-acting formula targets blemishes + dark spots while imparting a youthful suppleness. Fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation are old news, with Urban Rani Serum working double overtime. With its lightweight and non-sticky formula, you’ll barely notice it working its magic! Plus, support great skin as well as a good cause! Nourish Mantra donates 1% of profits towards mental health awareness!
Skin Reboot Peeling Face Mask

Willow Collective | But First, Skincare Headband + Face Round

You glow, girl! Set your glow-up goals with this zero-waste reusable face round + headband duo! Take your skincare game up a notch and allow make-up removal to be an earth friendly breeze with this cute set that replaces your disposable cotton rounds so you’ll never have to use throwaway wipes, sponges or paper towels again. The face round doubles as a exfoliating cleansing cloth! Step 1: Put up your hair with the adjustable headband, keeping all strands away from your face for a smoother and cleaner skincare application. Step 2: Slather cleanser/make-up remover on face or cloth. Step 3: massage cleanser gently using the eco-friendly facial round for better absorption + circulation. Rinse face, then rinse face round & hang to dry so that it’s ready for your next skincare session!
Nuria Overnight Recovery Cream

Ma Soirée | French Tip Nail Wraps

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We you want to glow from head to toe... up to the tip of your nails! A no-fuss French-tip mani? Nailed it! French tips are a classic, and Ma Soiree's convenient nail wraps give you an easy-to-apply and long-lasting polish alternative! This DIY-friendly kit comes with 16 self-adhesive nail wraps in 8 different sizes, one nail file and an instructional card. Achieve exquisite salon quality nail designs in a fraction of the time without chipping or flaking all within the comforts of your own home. Whether it’s for a formal event, a wild night out, a cozy night in, or a casual everyday look, you can count on these French Tips to dress up your nails for any occasion. These press-on adhesives do the job even when you are pressed for time! It can last up to 14 days with proper application and maintenance. This product is designed by self-care and inclusion advocates, so you get all the good stuff: non-toxic, scentless, vegan, cruelty-free and pregnancy safe!

Inmo Cosmetics | Watermelon Lipsicle

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Glow with the flow and genuinely say I’M NOT MISSING OUT (INMO) because of this delish and trendy lip treat! Inmo's Watermelon Lipsicle is the product of your #mlbb (my lips but better) dreams. When you want total hydration + a hint of color and shine all at once, grab this Lipsicle infused with tasty watermelon extract and a subtle tint that changes colors in accordance with your body temperature for irresistible kissable lips! Don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging because it is packed with a nourishing formula to provide all-day moisture! This simple yet oh-so-stunning lip balm is a worthy beauty staples + it's cruelty and paraben free!
Beez Nuts Lip Balm

Rishi Tea & Botanicals | Organic Everyday Matcha Tin

For the glow-getter looking for clean energy to power you through the hustle and bustle: Everyday Matcha from Rishi Tea & Botanicals is the go-to morning staple! Receive a smooth and satisfying caffeine fix without the sudden buzz and crash! Brew a cup of matcha tea, mix with milk for a latte, or drop a teaspoon into smoothies, juices and hot chocolate for a natural energy boost— the possibilities are endless! Rishi is a Direct Trade importer of organic teas and botanicals from the very best sources, so your tin is a product that tells a story—a story of a mission to connect consumers to special gardens and mountains and the people behind it. Since 2006, Rishi has partnered with pioneering organic tea farmers in the volcanic region of Kirishima, Japan to source exclusive cultivars of super premium matcha that is then custom blended for balance and energy. The Rishi team travels thousands of miles each year to the diverse points of origin where their teas are harvested, and maintains personal relationships they’ve developed over the years with the farmers and artisans whose families have been making traditional teas for generations. Share in Rishi's mission of honoring age-old traditions within the world’s heritage teas and passion for herbal and culinary arts with every cup as you enjoy your everyday organic matcha in a convenient and portable container! FUN FACT: Rishi Tea was among the first to earn organic certification under the USDA’s Natural Organic Program in November of 2002.
Pawsitivity Cards Set

Microcosm Publishing| Robyn Jasko - Homesweet Homegrown Book

Go, Glow and Grow... your own garden at home! Aside from adding appeal to your yard, gardening significantly strengthens your mental health! Getting your hands dirty can increase serotonin levels as contact with a specific soil bacteria (Mycobacterium vaccae) triggers the release of serotonin- the happy chemical in our brain! Plus, Interacting with nature has been proven to boost mood, reduce anger, and improve general psychological well-being. What's not to love about that? Starting a garden for the first time or venturing the route to food independence for even an experienced gardener can be a steep, windy road- to a point where people stop and take a U-Turn! However, Homesweet Homegrown Author Robyn Jasko and Illustrator Jennifer Biggs shed light on the garden path! The book covers comprehensive details such as choosing and starting seeds, to preserving the harvest, pickling, canning, fermenting and freezing your garden-fresh veggies to have access to organic, homegrown food all year long! It also features projects for seed starting, grow kit light setups, easy irrigation systems, designs for upcycling old furniture into gardening stations, recipes for homemade organic plant sprays, charts listing dollars-and-cents breakdowns of homegrown versus store-bought produce, and growing guides for fruits or vegetables. Basically, it's the ultimate guide on growing, making, and storing your own food. Whether you want to take advantage and going full-on food independent or just want to garden as a form of self-care and relaxation-- this book has you covered! Go on and, get glowing & growing!


(This is just a sneak peek! Our upcoming box has 8 items total!)

Willow Collective | Cryo Glam Pink Cooling Globes

Pretty in Pink, Prettier Skin! For days when the huff and puff blow your confidence away—depuff with these icy globes that do wonders for the skin. Facial Cooling Globes are often used during facial treatments to gently massage, break down tension and increase the blood flow in facial muscles, which boosts skin health by decreasing inflammation. It also helps eliminate redness and calms skin after waxing, extractions, electrolysis, peels & micro-dermabrasion. These globes stimulate blood circulation and oxygenates the skin to firm and de-puff the face. Pop this in the fridge for a chilled massage that offers excellent treatment for sinus pain, puffy eyes, headaches or migraines. The perfect addition to any skin-care regimen, use this daily to stimulate nerves, exercise facial muscles, tighten skin and reduce large pores! TO USE: Keep globes in the refrigerator and wash before use. Best paired with your favorite serum or moisturizer, use this on your face and neck, morning or night! WARNING: Do not keep in the freezer as the globes may break.

Spongelle | “BEACH GRASS” Pedi Buffer

No staycation itinerary is complete without a trip to the salon! Spongelle’s BEACH GRASS Pedi Buffer will drench your feet in a pool of pampering beachside fragrance. This triple-action pedi-buffer cleanses, massages, and buffs away dry soles for professional pedicure results at home! The dual surface buffer features a soft side for cleansing + moisturizing, and a textured side to banish dead, dull or calloused skin! Spongelle's soothing polisher and moisturizing pedi-buffer is infused with fragrance reminiscent of a beachside resort. Close your eyes and soak in the fragrant notes of Jasmine, Rose, Sea, Wood, Musk, and Fruit. Indulge in your very own pedicure while overlooking the shore! FUN FACT: Spongelle will make a donation to a charity of your choice with every $50 order.
Soy Candle

Mudmasky | Saved By The Scrub for Underarms

Step into your very own European spa retreat with Mudmasky’s Saved By the Scrub for Underarms (that can also used on the whole body!) Small batch produced in Amsterdam, this 100% vegan scrub is made from only 5 natural ingredients and will keep your underarms fresh for up to 16 hours! The premium Kaolin Clay pulls odor causing bacteria out of your skin, while the Arabica coffee seed powder neutralizes odor and gently exfoliates the skin - leaving it soft and smooth. The underarms are an especially sensitive part of your body, which is why Mudmasky uses ground coffee for its ultra-gentle texture. BONUS: This scrub is soft enough to be used as an exfoliate across the whole body, removing dull dead skin cells, and stimulating cell turnover, which can result in brighter and smoother skin. This month, start your at home spa staycation right with this luxe exfoliator and give your skin the glow it deserves! FUN FACT: For every purchase, Mudmasky makes a donation to ‘Sta op voor kinderen’, a dutch non-profit for kids.

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