TheraBox Wish Box


Ring in the new year with a box filled with warm wishes and self-care blisses!

Dermadeli Citrus Gold Facial Oil


If it’s your wish to get glowing skin, Dermadeli’s Citrus Gold Oil is your genie in a bottle! Drops of this shimmering serum is your key to celebration-ready skin. To give you that golden glow, it protects, replenishes, and moisturizes skin beyond the surface with nature’s gifts at the forefront: 24k gold flakes to calm sensitive skin; citrus to nourish and clear skin texture; Vitamin A from rose and wood to zap away fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Its detoxifying properties provide essential protection against frosty weather, giving you that fresh and bright aura all day and night. Gentle yet utterly dazzling, the miraculous formula gives skin a beautiful glow that radiates confidence! FUN FACT: Gold holds natural anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant properties to remove rashes, swelling and redness from skin allergies. The extra oxygen stimulated by gold can reach deep into the skin and renew damaged cells.

ESAS NYC Hamam Body Splash


A spritz of this refreshing aroma (inspired by ancient Roman baths) uplifts your aura to heights reminiscent of the buzzing energy NYC gives off on new year's day! Fresh bergamot, velvety orris, and creamy sandalwood create a mood-boosting scent harmony that reminds you of vibrant, sparkling nights in the big city. As a “bath in a bottle”, pack this 14th century tradition into your pocket so you can purify, sanitize and deodorize wherever you wish during this busy season! Get up to 260 sprays of this limited edition scent formulated to nourish the senses and soul. From Ancient Rome to the Big Apple, Esas’ Hamam body splash is abundant in culture and modern innovation with its pocketable and recyclable glass bottle, biodegradable stone labels and aluminum pump. This Leaping Bunny-certified body splash is infused with trademark Esas HydraScent which is a complex organic blend of hyaluronic acid and coconut-derived glycerin making their fragrances a nod to skincare! Doubles as a hand sanitizer! FUN FACT: Esas is founded and owned by two first-generation immigrant-American women with a combined 25 years of experience as chemists in the beauty industry harnessing the science of mother nature to infuse affordable luxury into organic and sustainable solutions rooted in time-tested traditions from around the world.

Elements Truffles Rose Hot Cocoa Mix


Guilt-free hot chocolate with a twist! Mingling the sweetness of rose & richness of choco, a sip of Elements Truffles’ Rose hot cocoa mix feels like warm wishes & chocolate kisses. Relish in the chocolate-y indulgence powered by Ayurveda, the ancient adaptogenic superfood, and clean ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth minus the guilt. Made with organic ethically-sourced raw cocoa powder, coco sugar and rose sugar, this 100% Ecuadorian plant-based mix is crafted with your holistic health in mind. Get high quality and high vibes from a cup that nourishes and energizes. Whisk spoonfuls of this vegan cocoa drink in your milk of choice and let its decadent aroma simmer until it’s creamy, dreamy and ready to serve! Enjoy a fair trade dairy-free drink that will stir up warm and fuzzy feelings down to the very last drop. Lightly sweetened with coconut palm sugar, you can top it off with marshmallows, whipped cream and sprinkles for extra flavor and flair! TIP: This versatile mix is handmade in micro batches and contains 4 clean ingredients. It also makes a great iced drink, fudgsicles, smoothies, desserts and more! Scan the QR code at the back of the package and get creative!

Nuria Hydrate Moisturizing Toner


Grab Nuria’s skin-smoothing toner when your skin wishes for a touch of hydration! This hydrating holy grail sets the stage for the rest of your skincare ritual and makeup routine. Stay fresh throughout festivities with a soothing solution as the first step after cleansing. The softness of marshmallows and calmness of chamomile are the time-tested beauty secrets found in this ultra-hydrating toner that quenches dry and rough skin. The certified clean-beauty formula locks in moisture longer and helps skin absorb other products seamlessly, with the help of other nourishing ingredients: rose oil boosts elasticity; aloe leaf juice detoxifies and rejuvenates your overall complexion; cucumber cools down irritation and redness. Soak a cotton pad with this paraben-free vegan toner and gently sweep across the face, followed with moisturizer and SPF. Consistent daily use will keep skin calm while improving elasticity, texture and providing protection from photodamage — all this in one toner, so you leave a little glow wherever you go! FUN FACT: The Hydrate Moisturizing Toner is part of Nuria’s Ultra-Hydrating family of Seven — their 7-product skincare line designed by a team of dynamic, travel-obsessed-scientists and beauty connoisseurs to keep your skin properly hydrated and glowing! 


Mudmasky Melting Mud 3-in-1 Mask and Cleanser


Mudmasky’s 3-in-1 Melting Mud Mask + Cleanser has everything you wish for in a morning wash. Specially formulated to be the ultimate replacement of your daily cleanser and micellar water, it’s all you need to refresh your skin and wipe out makeup from the night’s shindig! The fragrance-free and non-irritating formula is super mild and gentle for everyday cleansing without stripping the skin's natural protective layer & maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance to pH 5.5 (a speciality of the Mudmasky skincare line!) Formulated with a blend of Moroccan Lava Clay and other organic components, it washes away traces of last night’s make-up and targets pores’ deep-seated impurities! Natural fruit and plant extracts work together to wake up and energize your skin so you greet everyday with high spirts! On your damp face, massage a small amount of product and let the mask melt on your skin for a couple of minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. FUNFACT: Mudmasky’s Face Mask is produced in small batches in Amsterdam so you get guaranteed fresh and high quality products. They also donate to a Dutch company, Sta Op Voor Kinderen, dedicated to helping children.

Crisp Spiced Vanilla Body Lotion


A nourishing go-to body lotion in one of the season’s signature scents is a must on the wishlist! Crisp’s Spiced Vanilla lotion is concocted with all-natural ingredients, doused with delicate fragrances and sprinkled with holiday wishes! Rich and potent scent notes of vanilla and cinnamon intermingle as a blissful reminder of yuletide memories of long ago. These chemical-free lotions have zero parabens, sulfates, and synthetic dyes, making it the ultimate clean beauty addition to your self-care ritual. Its creamy formula melts on your skin to nourish your entire body for those busy days and long nights. Leave no room for parched spots with its velvety moisture that benefits all skin types while your body absorbs the healing properties + warm and delectable scent! FUN FACT: Up to 60 percent of what you apply to your skin makes its way into your bloodstream. With wellness and recuperation rituals at its core, Crisp specifically removes over 100+ toxic ingredients so you get pure, effective and transparent self-care products that perform.

Balanse NYC Panol Oil


It isn’t wishful thinking when we say you get pain relief in minutes with Balanse NYC’s Panol Body Oil Spray! Joint aches, arthritic pains, headaches & migraines, sinus pains, muscle strains, menstrual pains, sports injuries and all sorts of soreness — consider them gone after this miraculous mist graces your muscles. An must-have post-workout or night-out relaxer, the warm sensation from this spray provides a soothing sense of relief after strenuous activities and against cold waves. Its unique blend of essential oils are ethically sourced from Africa to bring instant comfort in a can! Opt for this effective pain reliever without harmful and synthetic chemicals like silicones and parabens. Gently rub and massage oil in circular motions all over affected area until your natural energy is revived! FUN FACT: Balanse was created in 2019 by a 70-year-old pharmaceutical company in New York and strives to give people all natural products that's great for your skin. Now providing natural and nourishing products in four continents around the world!

Current Leave In Treatment Spray


Wishing for a good hair day everyday? When icy temperatures frizz up your crowning glory, Current’s Leave in Treatment got it all under control. Slather your tresses with Current’s signature Botanical Seaplex and let it sink into dry hair follicles! The moisturizing formula instantly detangles hair for smooth and manageable styling. Adding a layer of protection from environmental damage, pollutants and harmful UV rays, this miracle spray improves your strands’ moisture retention for an all-day shine. Packed with restorative oceanic ingredients to encourage healthy hair growth and reduce shedding, silky strong locks are yours for the taking with continual use! The cold won’t stand a chance when you have a coat of Current’s moisture-rich treatment working overtime to help you rock any hairstyle you wish! FUN FACT: Current’s entire line of simple yet powerful hair care products utilize marine technology and ocean-inspired ingredients including seaweed, red marine algae, pearl powder, and electrified sea water. It is currently only available for purchase at salons nationwide!

Jessica Williamson Dream Big Journal


$136 AUD ($91 USD)
USE CODE: MYTHERABOX FOR 50% OFF of Jessica's other classes
Reaching your goals while maintaining a healthy work life balance is at the top of everyone's wish list, and what better time to start working on it than now? Jessica's gorgeous "Dream Big" journal helps you set your sights on your wishes, dreams and goals amidst the festive frenzy and prep you for the new year to come!
The Dream Big Journal is your training ground to be the ultimate goal-getter! Award-winning coach Jessica Williamson etched brilliant mindset practices on 152 pages and 5 sections of guided journaling. With a 9-video goals and mindset mini e-course, this TheraBox-exclusive bundle takes you through the whole growth mindset process. Goal-set, establish a daily gratitude and positive affirmations practice all in 3 months worth of productive pages! The accompanying e-course lessons will go deep into mindset practices so that you can anchor deeper and realize an abundant transformation. Every page will help you sift through routines and optimize it for holistic growth. List down podcasts, books; document your wins and rewards; jot down inspirational thoughts and motivational quotes and a lot of space for freehand and brain dumps! It's your safe space to pour out your wildest dreams and make all your wishes come true! With prompts that help you deeply reflect, you can identify habits that propel you towards your goals
and curtail those that hinder you from achieving them. Additionally, receive access to the 14-Day Goals & Mindset Journaling Challenge and get daily emails for 2 weeks with prompts from Jessica during the challenge. A worksheet with prompts will be provided for you to print and tick off daily for you to tackle goals and dreams head-on!

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