Best Gifts that aren’t Stuff (Kinda)

Best Gifts that aren’t Stuff (Kinda)

“It’s the thought that counts!” The phrase nags you as you scour the racks for the perfect presents for all the special people in your life. Though cliché, it still rings true. Especially if it’s your love language, gift-giving and the whole process behind it can be therapeutic. But before you empty out your pockets for the newest high-end gadget or luxury bag, lest we forget, gifts aren’t always fancy stuff wrapped with a sparkly bow — it can be an experience of a lifetime, a cheap thrill, an opportunity for growth and healing, and other unforgettable moments. When no frivolous amount can fully encapsulate your feelings, here are some gift ideas that may not come with a hefty price tag, but they are definitely heavy with meaning and comes straight from the heart!

Score tickets to a concert or a movie.

Watch their faces light up when they unwrap a tiny flimsy piece of paper to reveal tickets to see an artist they love! You can join giveaways, work through connections, or save up in advance for tickets for two. A more affordable option is a movie in their favorite genre. Either way, it’s an invaluable experience! Bonus cookie points when you get to share it.

A curated collection of their favorite reads.

You can make it digital to add that eco-friendly element! The bookworm in your life will always appreciate a fresh copy of their favorite book. Notice the dog-eared book she has always talked about? Send her an e-book version so she’ll always have it saved on her device. You can also give her a book you own that you think they’ll love. Scribble a sweet note to mark a title they’ll cherish forever!

Donate to a good cause in their name

It’ll guarantee a tug at the heartstrings if you support a cause they’re passionate about. It could span as big as donating to a nonprofit organization for your advocate bestie or as simple as planting a tree named after your tree-hugger buddy. There are a lot of simple ways to show your support without shelling out wads of money.

Gift a membership to their fave museum or theme park

It’s like giving them keys to their sanctuary! Give them unlimited access to a whole year of fun and excitement or some peace and quiet whenever they need it. A simple gesture like this speaks volumes to say that you care about their emotional and mental wellbeing.

Buy them a digital course to support their growth. 

A digital course is a flexible and intangible investment that offers your loved ones a chance for growth and self-improvement. It could prop them up for school or boost their career. Hook them up with a life and success masterclasses, mindset and goals course, or something specific to their career path. You can also sign them up on a site that they can choose any topic they’re interested in!

Enroll them in class to fuel their passion

On the other side of the spectrum, there’s a hobbyist inside all of us that gives that much needed breath of fresh air in between work and life as usual. Feed your loved ones’ insatiable curiosities by enrolling them in class or workshop. Even one class can teach them techniques that they could use for a lifetime and shoot up their enthusiasm for said hobby. Dance or piano lessons, painting, baking and cooking classes — there’s always something for someone!

Subscribe them to a TheraBox self-care subscription box

Around the rush of the holiday season, self-care provides a calm hush — and self-care wrapped in a box will definitely make them blush! Opening up a surprise gift package every month with goodies to supplement a consistent self-care routine is such a precious present. TheraBox is a gift that keeps on giving because you get more than what you pay for and it’s a unique and delightful surprise each month. They’ll unwrap opportunities to discover new brands, products and self-care practices that work for them. You give 8 full-sized luxury ethically-sourced products, plus the feeling of healing and cultivating self-love every month until it becomes a habit that sticks around even beyond the next holidays to come!


These gift ideas aren’t only clutter-free, but they leave permanent imprints in the receiver’s minds and hearts. Instead of generic gifts, make them more meaningful than impressive. It’s giving them a piece of your heart that’s worth more than any material matter. Tickets get thrown out, but the memories live forever; classes and courses expire, but their learning lasts a lifetime; products deplete, but the feeling of self-care and self-love is priceless

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