Spread Some Good Vibes!

It’s October. It’s a new season. Fall is in full swing!
And it’s time to spread some good vibes!

Self Love

Do you remember the last time someone sent good vibes your way & how it almost instantaneously brightened your day? Good vibes can be words, gestures, or even something as simple as a smile. It’s contagious & makes both the recipient + giver feel great on the inside. Dr. Martin Seligman, commonly known as the founder of positive psychology, backs this up with studies showing how an act of kindness can drastically boost our happiness. Dr. Seligman reported that “performing kindness produces the single most reliable momentary increase in well being of any exercise we have tested.” Joy multiplies when shared, period.

Why not send some good vibes the old fashioned way! Writing and creating your own letters or postcards adds a cozy-feeling when the recipient reads it + you get to express yourself creatively while doing so! We’ve made a list below on whom to share good vibes with. Let the warm fuzzy feeling good vibe-sy autumn begin!

Spreading good vibes starts with you first. Send kindness, compassion & empathy to your past self. Writing a letter to your past self can facilitate forgiveness toward yourself & others. You may find closure, validation & healing that can bring clarity to your present-day life. Tips: Be clear which age of “you” you’re writing to. Speak directly to your younger self by addressing yourself in the letter as “you”. Pick a past- time that continues to impact you today. Most importantly, write to yourself as if you were speaking to a loved one: with loving-kindness. If you have multiple past experiences/ages you’d like to address, write a separate letter for each of those experiences.

Now that you’ve shown some compassion to yourself & filled your own cup, you’re ready to share your love with others. Send another just-because postcard or letter to a loved one and brighten their day! Tell them exactly what it is about them, that you truly appreciate. It’s amazing how far a little appreciation and love can go!

This postcard letter can be sent to anyone that’s inspired you. Perhaps it’s an author you haven’t met but look up to, a family member, ancestor, or friend. Think of someone that has played a significant role in shaping who you are today and send them this much-deserved recognition.

Receiving random acts of kindness not only brightens our day, but it also provides feelings of hopefulness and belonging. Especially if we’re experiencing one of life’s harsher seasons, a random act of kindness reminds us that there is good in this world and people who care. Be the light, and spread good vibes to the world! Locate a random address to send this postcard to, or leave this love note on the table of a local coffee shop before you leave for the next person!

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