Good Gifts for Girlfriends

Top Ten Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend

Every Valentine’s Day, men are scrambling to figure out what gift to get their girlfriend. Flowers and chocolates are nice but overdone. This year you want to give her something different. Here are the top 10 good gifts for girlfriends this coming year.


Great skincare products are essential to the daily routine. Eye masks, face masks, and moisturizing lotion are good gifts for girlfriends because they can pamper themselves at home and avoid a pricy trip to the spa.


Every woman has a preference: coffee, tea or hot chocolate. The love of your life will thank you on a cold winter night. Snuggle up next to the fire with her favorite hot beverage and have a romantic night in.


The essential self-care night for any women always includes a hot, steamy, bubble bath and aromatherapy candles. Grab her a bottle of wine and give her the relaxing night in that she deserves.


Cozy accessories are always good gifts for girlfriends. A pair of fuzzy slippers, a soft scarf, warm beanie, or a comfortable headband will make any snowy day cozier.


Jewelry is always a romantic gift that every girlfriend loves. It is small, simple, and stylish Whether it’s earrings, a necklace or something less flashy, there is a gift for every type of girlfriend.


Journaling is becoming an increasingly popular form of self-care. TheraBox has a wide selection of journals, including gratitude, dream, and celebration journals. Great for a woman who loves to write and keep track of her thoughts.


Self-care products including face serums, hair masks, and hand creams for the dry winter months, are good gifts for girlfriends. Give her a variety of items so she can take care of her needs and have a rejuvenation break, whenever she needs it.


Normally, we wouldn’t suggest a gift card, because they usually come off as impersonal or last minute. In this case, a gift card to TheraBox is a great idea! She can choose her own items and subscription boxes, so it takes the guess work out of gift-giving.

9.  BOOK

If your lady loves to read, a book is a great gift. Whether it is a self-care book or her favorite romance novel, a book is a gift that keeps on giving.


At Therabox, we offer many great gifts for girlfriends. If your girl loves the beach, consider getting her a soft, round beach blanket. If she loves relaxing scents, maybe an incense holder or a pine-scented candle will make her happy. Other creative ideas include a vision board or letter board pre-filled out with romantic words.

Consider giving a subscription box from Therabox. Buy one time or sign her up for 3, 6, or 12 months and she will receive a customized box every month! If that doesn’t say “I love you”, what does?

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