Gifts for Women

Looking for a great gift for the special woman in your life? Whether you’re buying for your mom, sister, girlfriend, wife, coworker—or even for yourself—a gift from My TheraBox is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Our women’s gift boxes, delivered monthly, are packed with unique products that inspire joy, positivity and self-esteem.

Now more than ever, women need to prioritize self-care. Women who practice self-care get a chance to step away from responsibilities and stresses to take care of themselves, improving their health, well-being and overall happiness. Discover how self-care boxes are some of the most useful gifts for women, helping them live more joyful, inspiring lives.

Benefits of self-care

Why do women need to make self-care a part of their everyday lives? Even spending a few minutes a day on self-care—whether that means following a skincare routine, journaling, or taking a warm bubble bath—gives women a chance to relax and recharge. There are several distinct benefits that come when women take time for themselves, including:

  • Getting a break from stress: Many women look at self-care as a time to escape the stresses of everyday reality, allowing them to take a mental and emotional vacation. In turn, this triggers a relaxation response that allows them to pick up their responsibilities feeling relaxed and refreshed.
  • Providing alone time: While every woman has her own unique degrees of extroversion and introversion, it’s no secret that we all need to take time for ourselves. Good self-care practices center around relaxing alone, so it’s easier to slip into a quiet state of self-reflection and meditation.
  • Creating soothing feelings: When women give their body special treatment, whether it’s through good skincare practices or a relaxing bubble bath, the body naturally relieves stress.

Women’s gift boxes from My TheraBox

Now that you know all about the benefits of good self-care practices, how do you make sure the special woman in your life has the tools she needs to create her own daily self-care routine? A gift from My TheraBox is the solution! Our self-care subscription boxes are delivered monthly right to her door. Choose from a one-time delivery, or a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month subscription. Every box comes with:

  • Unique self-care products: From aromatherapy balms to skin masks, every subscription box includes unique items from select clean beauty vendors.
  • Stress-busting activities: Each My TheraBox includes one joy-inspiring activity. From journals to vision boards, each activity is backed by psychological and neuroscientific research to inspire happy, positive vibes.

Find the perfect gift for the special woman in your life on My TheraBox!

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day—or you’re just looking for a great gift that shows how much you care—My TheraBox has you covered! From monthly subscription boxes packed with unique self-care products to items like journals, balms, lotions and more in The Happy Shoppe, you’re sure to find something special for your mom, girlfriend, wife or any other important woman in your life. Not sure what to get? Send her a My TheraBox gift card and give the gift of self-care!