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Lavender & Mugwort Herbal Eye Pillow

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Make catching zzz’s a breeze with this TheraBox custom-designed Lavender & Mugwort Herbal Eye Pillow! Made with a soft, breathable fabric, this eye pillow is filled with a powerful cocktail of relaxing and dream-inducing ingredients including Lavender and Mugwort. Lavender is well known as a calming ally in dealing with insomnia and anxiety while mugwort has been used for centuries by healers to produce vivid, insightful dreams and is also known as a tool for cleansing and clearing negative energy! This eye pillow also emits gentle acupressure against the eyelids that acts as an automatic brain trigger to help you relax while easing some tension on your eyes! TIP: Gently squeeze the pillow to release more of the scent if you would like a bit more aromatherapy.
TO USE: Store this in an airtight container when not being used. Great for either warm or cold therapy. Care and use instructions are included!