Pawsitivity Cards

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The power tiny paws hold is unexplainable! When we’re down, we need a helping hand to pull us out of the dark - or should we say, a helping paw. Most times, it’s a cuddle with your pet - unconditional love like no other. Other times, it’s a simple, “I’m proud of you,” from our friends and colleagues. That little push of encouragement will always make a world of a difference in improving our mood. Always, there’s a mood-booster that provides the mental reset we need.

Make the most out of your day and fill your days with turtle-y awesome energies! Think of affirmations like a daily multi-vitamin for your mental immune system! Affirmations are one of the most potent and simplest keystone habits that can help us manifest all the good things in life. This set of paw-sitive affirmation cards will rid you of negative thoughts and help change your mindset so you can find strength and peace, especially on the lowest of days. Put them close to your workspace, use them as a mantra while meditating, use them as journal prompts, or shuffle and read one daily before you start your day! Unique and designed to bring out the best in you, these furry affirmation cards will keep you from getting lost in your thoughts and ground you in the present. Let your energies and feelings flow through these cards while you focus on the paw-sitive, become more mindful, and manifest the strength, beauty, and paw-er you possess within you!

The card deck also comes with a DIY origami stand - another fun pick me up activity you can do! FUN FACT: Arts and crafts greatly boost mental health! In fact, art therapy has been a long-time mental health practice that combines art tools and creative expression to help those who have anxiety, social difficulties, and more. With art, no matter how complex or simple, we engage our bodies, minds, and spirits in a way that brings numerous benefits!

These cards are the paw-fect pick-me-up to get your day started, as a mid-day breather, or even as a nightcap! These simple affirmations are guaranteed to be an instant mood booster at any time of the day. No one is perfect; we all have rough days. In fact, without bad days, we would not know what a good day is! In times when you can’t be your own cheerleader, these will do the trick in reminding you of how loved, valuable, unique, and amazing you are! We hope that in some way or another, these cards help cheer you up and heal from any internal battles you’re fighting. Through time, you may also add your own affirmations to the list. The more self-love, the better! Affirmations can really help motivate you to act, concentrate on your goals, switch up your thinking patterns, increase your self-confidence and reaffirm the positivity back to your life. The key is truly believing in these sayings and manifesting them. When you say, repeat, and believe these affirmations, you will attract only positive energies to your life. That main character energy we all yearn for? It’s right here, and it all starts with loving yourself and knowing your worth!