Unplug (Digital Detox Card Deck)

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    Have you noticed yourself blanking on things? Missing sleep? Having a shorter attention span? Do you have a lot on your mind? Too much technology may be the culprit. 

    We all know that social media is addicting, and this is true with other forms of technology as well. Everything about our devices are designed to keep us hooked, with their colorful screens and bright blue light they emit. Even with prolonged usage, our brains can never adjust to the gazillion number of interesting things the internet has to offer. We could spend all day on the internet and not get bored. With each passing day, our tech is just getting smarter. It gives us what they think we want and in turn switches on a whole spectrum of emotions that keep us hooked on a daily basis.

    Think of your attention as a valuable resource. Where focus goes, energy flows. When you physically and emotionally give yourself some distance from technology, you’re gaining extra time and energy to do other things you love. 

    This month, we’re starting small to find some reprieve from the screen and amplifying the good ol' analog stuff. This custom-designed 'UNPLUG - 30 Day Digital Detox challenge’ deck was created to challenge you to take a break from technology and help you free up more time and mental space you didn't know you were losing. The goal isn’t merely about cutting down on screen time. This mental cleanse is about building a routine that works better for you, carving out moments of mindfulness, and using downtime for rewarding and relaxing pleasures-- like classic board games, trying something you haven’t done before, or being one with nature. By allowing the distraction to pass, we can focus more on bringing our attention to the more important matters.

    Free your mind and the rest will follow. Look around, be in the moment. Appreciate your surroundings, and stop to smell the roses. Taking control of your time and choosing mindful habits empowers you and keeps you recharged for the future. Life is an adventure waiting to happen and the first step starts with you!