Willow Collective | Headband + Face round

Willow Collective | But First, Skincare Headband + Face round

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    You glow, girl! Set your glow-up goals with this zero-waste reusable face round + headband duo!

    Take your skincare game up a notch and allow make-up removal to be an earth-friendly breeze with this cute set that replaces your disposable cotton rounds so you’ll never have to use throwaway wipes, sponges, or paper towels again. The face round doubles as an exfoliating cleaning cloth!

    Step 1: Put up your hair with the adjustable headband, keeping all strands away from your face for a smoother and cleaner skincare application.

    Step 2: Slather cleanser/make-up remover on face or cloth.

    Step 3: massage cleanser gently using the eco-friendly facial round for better absorption + circulation.

    Rinse face, then rinse face round & hang to dry so that it’s ready for your next skincare session!